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AlphaMan takes every opportunity from life

Alpha man takes every opportunity he meetsThe most important thing in life is to take opportunities.  Alpha man never lets them go away. He takes every opportunities  while other men don`t see it. Here in this video I took opportunity. I saw girl walking from university, approached her and started my expert knowledgeable conversation. She was beautiful   my type of girl. I said for her: „I really liked you, what`s your name?“. She was excited  and happy.

Once I get her indicators of interest (she kept eye contact longer than 2 seconds, she was  towards me with her shoulders, and other signals which see just professionals) I isolated her from her world. I isolated her away from university. Why? Because if you want to take her telephone number she will not give you if there will be her college mates. Women do not like when other people are talking about them negatively. The biggest fear of women is to be slut in people eyes.

Once you will get better and better on seducing woman, you will start notice every small indicator of her interest in you. I felt amazing, I felt like real true men with power.

As I am kinesthetic I use a lot of touches. I touch her in any opportunity I met. My seduction method is very powerful because girls love then you touch them.  They can`t notice it. Alpha men knows that every touch that he make create a lot of sexual energy in women`s body. My direct eye contact make girls excited. They look at me and see powerful man, man who knows what she wants.

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Alpha man knows that he must ask a question himself. What is the goal of his conversation? Every conversation is persuasion. We always persuade somebody or we are persuaded by someone. It`s up to you. Do you want to persuade other people and make influence on them, or do you want to be manipulated by other people in win-lose situations. It means that they win, you lose. Of course there are people who seeks win – win situation. But Alpha Man knows that he must be  perfect at social situations. He knows that success in life depend on how you can turn social situations to your advantage.

The first key element of your success in conversation is your self-confident. You must reach the point  then you talk confidently and make influence to other people. What is the influence? They start believe in you. They start thinking like you. Your big influence creates enormous good energy in other people. They see you as a man who can help them reach their goals in life, who can help them to be more happy in their life.

Real Alpha male knows knowledge about selling. He knows that everything in life is selling. In every situation you sell yourself. If you can sell yourself perfectly, people will buy you. People will want to meet you again. People will create in their mind good reputation about you.

Alpha man is relaxed and very confident in any social situations. Why? If you allow fear to dominate you when you will make bad decisions. Never let people to make you scared – it`s old manipulation. Never let people to press you make a fast decision. Fast decision is bad decision. It`s unconsidered decision. You will lose.

Alpha man knows that Women is just part of our life.  We also want to make our business. We want it well-growing. Pickup is perfect way to get these alpha male traits that is very important in  business. It`s not be reactive for woman “no”. Alpha man understands that woman rejects his behavior, not his personality. Reject is not personal. Women reject how men are approaching them, how they say stupid pickup lines and are unnatural. Instead of that say what you want.  Say in confidently into her eyes.


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