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Approaching mixed sets

Approaching mixed sets

We all pick up artists know that really good quality women are among friends. And friends are both females and males. So, how Pick-up Artist deals with male of the group?


“Hello group” – you give attention to all group. You show that you are not dangerous. After these words you say to male of the group:

“You are very tall. We with friends are searching such tall men like you to play basketball. Do you play basketball?” – this opener is correct, because men`s topic are: sport, cars, business. Men feel comfortable talking about these topics. So, this male of the group feels comfortable talking about sport.

Later i use transition:

– “By the way, my name is Airinas, what is your name?” – i am really friendly to him, so male of mixed group is also friendly to me. The key here is that i am relaxed and i am not pay attention how i look from outside. I just talk, i am friendly, and i go for my goal – get contacts from male (if he is interesting and can help me in my life) and contacts from girl i like from group – she is with sun glasses and she wears black skirt.

How to develop conversation with male of mixed set?

Approaching mixed sets 2


The key here is to not bombard with a lot of question, but after question, tell your personal story. People don`t like to be bombarded with questions, because they need to give energy. People like to get energy. When you tell your personal story, you give energy for male of mixed set.

Example of story (or statements) that i tell to male of mixed set

First statement that i tell to male of mixed set

We with friend are going to play basketball near white bridge in Vilnius. Basically we play 3×3, and we searching new players. We just play for fun. Of course here are tournaments. You can play tournaments with your team. How you play football with your friends? – I told short statement which consist from 3-5 sentences. And the end of my statement i ask a question which provokes to tell short statement from male of mixed set.

So, you develop conversation by telling statements or stories. Statements consist from maximum 4-5 sentences, while story consist from more than 5 sentences. At the beginning of conversation i recommend use statements, later – tell stories from your own experience, because people feel strange when you instantly tell stories. They think: “How this guy trust me and tell his own stories from life?”. Better way is to tell just short experiences from your life. Later, when you feel you can trust him – tell stories. Everything should be natural.

Second statement that i tell to male of mixed set

“It is really funny how one my friend earns money. He bought army man costume and started to dance strip-tease. It also need acting skills and be in shape. So , as you Vitalij, trying to study acting or go to army it is good example to you, how you can connect both activities :D” – male of mixed set said that he thinking to study acting or go to army academic. I told him funny story how my one friend connected army with acting. Such funny stories make laugh male of mixed set and he starts like you. People like other people who have sense of humor.

3 story that i tell to male of mixed set

– “Vitalij, is funny how i started to train men how to dance. I was at my parents home in small city of Lithuania. It is called Jurbarkas. I jumped into my parents car and drove with two friends for fishing. And i had car accident. I broke my parents car and they became angry on me. I must find ways to get money for car repairing. I was sitting in the balcony of my parents home and thinking how i can earn money. I was thinking: what can i do? i know how to dance, i can train other men how to dance. Yes, why not? So, i was sitting til 4 am morning and i wrote i program how i will train men how to dance. But the problem was how i will find a clients? I realized that i can make a T-shirt with words – I can teach you how to dance. So, i made T-shirts with such words and went to clubs. And what happened? All men saw how i dance with beautiful, sexy women, how i turn them around, dip down, lift up, how i dance solo and how these girls are happy to dance with me, how these dance techniques help in clubs, so lot of them came to me and asked: “Are you dance trainer?”, i said: “Yes i am dance trainer”, and they: “Can you train me how to dance with a woman?”, i said: “Of course, i love my job and i will train you” In that way i started to train men how to dance and know i am doing this activity for 3 years”

Alpha man has really great skills on story telling. What people like is dialog in your story. Use dialogs as much as you can. Your stories should be yours. If you will tell my stories, it is possible it cannot work, because you will not tell these stories in emotions. You have not experienced them. What i do for my consultations on skype – i help men to construct their conversation and approaching plan on mixed sets. Why a lot of men fail in pick-up, is that they don`t have a plan. Preparation is the key to success.

approaching mixed sets 3

When you tell a story, male of mixed set will also tell you something. Or maybe he will tell his opinion about your story. If you want to open other person, go and open first. First tell statements, later stories and you will connect with male of mixed sets.

I got contacts from male of mixed set

Vitalij told me that he is playing football with his friends. I said for him that i think that he plays with the head, because he is really tall. He started to laugh. We change contacts and later we will play football or basketball.

Approaching mixed sets 5

As you see, girls are watching my social skills. If you can make connections with men, girls become attracted to you.

How to get contacts from girl you like of mixed set?

approaching mixed sets 4

First i take good position in group. When i am connected with a guy, i stand at the center of group. Such position let me to talk with all members and control all group energy. If you not control group energy, you will never achieve what you want. They will reject you from group. They key here of success is to control mixed set`s energy all time.

 I use transition from male to girls:

“Girls, do you like dancing?” – as i am strong on dancing i open topic about dances. My target is dancing Pole dances. It is like strip-tease. Girl is dancing in the club around the pole. What it means? She has a sexy body language. Now i can get telephone or facebook contacts from woman who has sexy body language. But first i want to see who she is in life.

I change my tonality of voice. A lot of men do mistake – they talk with women in same way like with men. No, of you want to seduce woman, you must pump sexual energy between both of you. Sexual tonality makes her more and more horny.

Basically she is already attracted to me. Why? Because she saw my social skills with male of the mixed set. Women is attracted to men who are brave and can approach mixed sets, be confident, talk and control energy of group. Girls see how you deal with other males. Are you turning these social situations to your advantage, or you losing control?

What i should do know is just take her contacts and later write her. But also you can talk with her more. It is better way. Build some connection by telling statements, later stories and compliments + how you feel.

Make short conversation with other members of mixed set

Approaching mixed sets 6

You also can make a little bit conversation with other members. Why? Because after your approach, all group members will have some opinion about you. And if you do not talk, you do not show any attention to some members, probably, they will be neutral or even bad opinion about you. I recommend to just ask them some polite questions and listen them carefully. You will show respect and of course you will change perception about you in their heads.

– “And what about you. What do you study?” – i show my interest to other member of group. This girl told me that she is studying Japanese language. She told that you can learn this language easily if you understand a system. She is friendly and she will have quite good opinion about me, because i showed some interest about her. People want to be important. If you can make other people important, they will be around you.

Male of mixed set helps me to get all information about girl i like from group

Approaching mixed sets 7


So the key of approaching mixed sets is to become friends with male of the group. If you connect with him, he will give you telephone number of girl you like from group. Male of mixed set will give you information about this girl, what the person she is in life? Does she has a boyfriend? Can you trust her? Does she good woman for long-term relationship and so on.

The ability to make connections with other males is very important thing in Alpha Man Lifestyle. Alpha Man understands that if you want to achieve something great in life, you will need other people. And sometimes you don`t have such people among your friends. So you should go out and meet new males who will help with you business.

Thank You, AlphaManTraining


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