Beta Male transformation to Alpha Male Dainius - post241

Beta Male transformation to Alpha Male Dainius

PUA Training Beta transformation to Champion (PUA Bootcamp TrainingDainius has arrived to my Alpha Man Training courses. Dainius has chosen III stage of Alpha Man Training.   It is the most beneficial stage for Dainius. Why? Because he wants to feel enormous confident talking with group of girls. Dainius is convinced that this third Alpha Man Training stage is very important for his future of life. Why? If you are successful talking with group of people, you can successfully lead them towards your goal.

Dainius has stayed for one week at my flat. I always have free room for my followers. They can fly from abroad and stay for maximum one week at my flat. It is for free. At this room there is everything which need for normal life: internet, sofa, wardrobe, kitchen, clear bath and tualet.

After one week Dainius moved to another place. My girlfriend rent him a flat. The flat was clean and comfortable for Dainius life and self-development.

The biggest problem Dainius has was making bad first impression. At the first Alpha Man Training lesson I correct this mistake.

Next Dainius`s problem was – he was not be able to continue conversation with group of girls, Also this problem was at the group there is  alpha male of the group (as you know in the PUA community, it is AMOG). This problem I have solved showed him my personal example and given him psychological  knowledge about social dynamic of groups. That means I was teaching him what to say for the group of two girls, how to continue conversation and lead it towards goal.

Dainius`s wishes

  1. Raise his level of confident till maximum.
  2. Understand why girls reject him.
  3. Get psychological knowledge
  4. Get psychological knowledge how to seduce the most beautiful woman from the group

Dainius is watching Alpha Man Training DVD

Dainius Alpha Man Training Stage 3 Part 5

Dainius Alpha Man Training Stage 3 Part 4

Dainius Alpha Man Training Stage 3 Part 3

Dainius Alpha Man Training Stage 3 Part 2

Dainius Alpha Man Training Stage 3 Part 1

Dainius Alpha Man Training Stage 3 Exam

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