Beta male transformation to Alpha Male post15

Beta male transformation to Alpha Male Darius

Darius-became-an-Alpha-Male-150x150I met Darius before two years. He found my website and wrote me a message:

–          “I want to live my life. I want to live Alpha Male lifestyle. I don`t want to be programmed beta male by society. I want to be self-confident, have choice on women, get suitable woman for my relationships.

Alphamantraining, I want to go to your Alpha Man Training program and change myself”

So that time I was in Sochi (Russia). I sent Darius`s a message. When I arrived to Lithuania I met him. He was tall, behaved like a gentlemen. And I saw a problem. He was too nice for girls. If you are nice guy, you treat them like queens, you will become a friend as soon as possible.

Darius was stubborn to know everything I can tell about, his lifestyle, his mindset and behavior. He was absolutely amazing by doing homework. He was moving by himself out and meeting girls. He faced fears and destroyed them. I am very proud about Darius.

Every time then I was stopping in Kaunas, I met different man. He was changed himself. With my trainings, knowledge be became successful man in his own life.

Shy Guy Transformation To Confident Alpha Male


Alpha Males

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