Beta Male transformation to Alpha Male Giedrius - post279

Beta Male transformation to Alpha Male Giedrius

PUA transformation Beta to AlphaHello everyone, it is  follower Giedrius. His goal is to learn the essence about dynamic of groups. He want to uncover secrets about Alpha male. He want to know how he behaves with group of people. Giedrius is convinced that third Alpha Man Training Stage is the most important in his life. Giedrius want to become at least good at situation where is group of people. He wants to make positive influence for other people, be at the center of attention, improve his leadership skills, approach life and people with humor and show integrity.

He want also to reveal secrets about how Alpha Man talks with women, how alpha man make good first impression, how alpha mane can easily sell himself for other people. What was the reason why Giedrius came at Alpha Man Training Third stage.

When Giedrius has arrived to Alpha Man Trainings we have signature contract and started trainings.

I painted for Giedrius situation there is four girls and asked what you will you? What your actions will be? I see how he thinks. I correct his all Beta Male mindset what does not give him a results. When I see that Giedrius is thinking like an Alpha Male I let them go to practice. Why?

Your thinking is all. The one difference that divides successful and unsuccessful people is how they think.


Giedrius is learning about True Alpha Man body language. As we know 55 % of your body language (it is the way you move, the way you sit, the way you make eye contact with a woman, the way you touch and so on), 38 % – your tone of voice (It shows are you speaking with sense of confidence or you lack it, and just 7 % – is your words. So if you want to make good positive influence to other people, you must have good body language and tone of voice. That is the order for your success in life.

We are watching all Giedrius mistakes of body language, of voice of tone, and words. Video is very effective way to show you your mistakes.


Now we move to another level – approaching groups there is another alpha male of the group. The goal here is to make friends with alpha man and get telephone number from beautiful girl. Giedrius do a mistake. He approaches man ant talk with him in a wrong way.

I corrected his all mistakes. I said for Giedrius: there is just one way – you must dominate all social situations. If you do not do it, others will do it. Do not give the control for others. Why? They will lead this social situation not for your advantage.

Giedrius did not done a homework. He did not go out individually at his city to meet group of people. And that is wrong. That is the reason why these trainings are so difficult for him. If you want to pass my exams you must live Alpha Man Lifestyle.

It means that every day you talk with people. Every day you socialize. Every day you improve your social skills.

Think about your transformation. Think about your excellent social skills. Think about alpha man power at any social situation. Think about being confident with women and getting the results you want. Think about how other people will like you, how other people will want to be like you. They  will want to have such self-confidence like your.

Think about your improved leadership skills. That means that other people will see you as a leader in social situations. Other people will follow. It is very important in Alpha Man Lifestyle.

No matter in what family you has grown, what is your family, are they rich or not, but the most important thing in your life is how you control your emotions and other`s. why? Think, if you can make other people relaxed, feel interest for you, feel attraction for you, feel every emotion, that you want, then you are making a big influence for them. That is persuasion. It means that Alpha Man can has a poor family, but he still can be very successful in his life. Because he knows how persuade other people in a good way. He grows every day. And never stops.

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