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Beta male transformation to Alpha Male Donatas

pua transformation pick up 5Here my follower Donatas. I give him some tips about dating and seduction. Alpha Man knows he must look perfect from outside. It is very important in his social life.

People make first impression about you by how you look from outside. As we see Donatas has too big clothes for him. They are old and not stylish.

Donatas approaches woman at the restaurant. Started conversation but everything goes bad. He is not self-confident like Real Alpha Man. Girl loses her interest and Donatas leaves her. Watch a video

Welcome everyone, here is Donatas. Now the meat each other after 1 year.  As we know then you came at my Alpha Man Training, you did not approached any woman on the street. For you it was like a mystique. How it is possible to meet beautiful sexy lady at the street and far more – seduce her.

I remember your first approaches. It was disgusting. You were approaching too close. It scares women. You were not such confident like now. Do your sense of stress you were getting bad results.

But lesson after lesson you became more and more skilled. You have increased your social skills and you started to get results. You started confidently approach woman at the university or streets. As we know the biggest your strength was your perfect interesting conversation. Girls wanted and wanted to know more about you and your lifestyle from your conversation. Then you inserted another tool – domination, your result quickly raised up.

After three months you became expert at approaching two or three girls on the table. It was very nice time for me to see your level of confidence while you were talking with girls. You started become more and more skilled how to control all group members, their energy. You started to get telephone numbers from girls and seduce them.

  1. So Donatas, tell me about what the biggest benefits you got from these Alpha Man trainings?
  2. Tell me about your lifestyle? What are you doing now in your life? What are your goals?
  3. Describe me what is the Alpha man?

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