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betta fish types

However if properly fed and cared for, you shouldn’t have any problems. This variation is also known as “non-red” as they exhibit similar characteristics but are yellow. The males of the species have broader heads, extended fins, and bigger bodies. He’s what the breeder says a teenager. They lived in the vegetation along the banks of swift-flowing forest streams. They come in a variation of colors and patterns and fit with almost any type of tank setup. You will just have to find the one that best suit your taste! They have been cross bred over years creating the most amazing colorations and tail variations. He’s very teritorial. Beautiful Betta – BLUE MUSTARD ROSE TAIL OHM MALE. Their tails arch up, then swoop down again as the fish floats or swim appearing to look like a veil. The most common (and least expensive if shopping for a Betta) is the Veil tail. Here, you can find out everything you need to know about keeping fish and aquarium maintenance. This name comes from its native region of Samut Sakhon Province in Thailand. The best thing about this type is that they develop their coloration over time. The Emerald Green Betta Fish is also known as the blue betta fish. What’s Up with the Backyard Chicken Farm Craze? This gene can be found in any Betta, of any tail shape and size. The Betta Ibanorum is named after the indigenous people living in Borneo. Possibility of aggression varies for each individual fish it can grow up to a maximum standard length of 25 – 30 mm. Often the green is masked under a darker coloration, and if you shine light against it an iridescent green tone can appear. This species is relatively young, first bred by Ahmad Yusuf in Indonesia around 25 years ago. Betta fish with crowntails are a very popular choice. Elephant Ear Bettas or more commonly Dumbo Bettas, have quite a unique shape. Fish Keeping World is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and any other affiliated sites. The Rose Petal Betta Fish is perhaps one of the strangest types as there is no one way to define them. These Bettas are completely white. Their colors appear blotchy and irregular, often with a light pale solid body color with rich reds and blues creating a pattern. The species has evolved into a labyrinth fish, meaning that it has the rare ability to breathe air, unlike many other fish species. Magnificent Bettas Author: Stan Sung. Some can squabble over their territory, but physical altercation is very rare. A Combtail Betta is the result of cross breeding a Crowntail with another Betta variety to produce a fish with a similar tail to the Crowntail, but with a significantly greater length of webbing between the rays — further than half the length of their tail’s rays. Due to over-exploitation and habitat degradation, this species is labeled as critically endangered by the IUCN. The species can grow up to 2.6 inches (6.7 cm) in length. Although it may seem like these species will be easy to care for, this is unfortunately not the truth. Today, we are going to focus on what do snails eat. The different names usually give you an idea of the tail shape, from the most common such as Veiltail, Crowntail and Halfmoon to smaller sizes such as the Plakat. Thanks for the comment, Robert. Their base body color is usually a rich color such as red with iridescent pale scales across its main body (often copper in color). In the wild, the Slender Betta fish survives only on insects, especially the larvae of the damselfly. There are different ways to classify Bettas by looking at the shape of their tails, their patterns and finally colors. This fish generally shows a full rich body yellow coloration extending along the fins and tail. They are small and colorful fish with striking personalities. Albimarginata means white margin which means the fish is aptly named since it has white fin margins along its body. This pattern is very popular for its bright metallic coloration. Long flowing swooping tails are quite majestic even though completely white. Alternatively, you can try adding more plants to allow each one to have their own territory. Betta species list in FishBase, Froese, R. & Pauly, D. There are very few different types of betta fish that have a lot in common. Betta fish are freshwater species that are native to the region of Southeast Asia. The males are usually extremely aggressive and will fight with other Betta fish to the death. It grows up to 35 – 40 mm. Copyright © 2020 - Fishkeeping World - All Rights Reserved. The last way to classify the different types of Betta Fish is through their pattern. See more ideas about betta fish types, betta fish, betta. This article may include references and links to products and services from one or more of our advertisers. First bred in the 1980s, the Halfmoon Betta didn’t take long to reach Europe and then became internationally famous. It is native to the small region of Selangor state in Malaysia in blackwater streams and peat swamps. The Dragon Scale Betta Fish has a strong full bodied color with body scales resembling those of a lizard or a dragon. They are a mouth-brooding which means that males carry the fry in his mouth for three weeks until they hatch. It can grow up to 2.6 inches (6.7 cm) and is part of the mouth-brooding Betta species. However, due to this reason, they are often over-exploited for the aquarium trade. This variation is often mistakenly called Chocolate as the color of the fins are quite similar. I recently decided to get another and can’t believe the variety available these days. In this article we will discuss all the different variations, to help you find the best fish for you. The Siamese fighting fish has a diet consisting of zooplankton, mosquito, and other insect larvae. These fish can be a bit challenging to breed and come with a more aggressive behavior. It feeds on small invertebrates and insects. It has really large fins and tail, which look absolutely lovely due to the rich colors. Rosetail and Half Moon Betta have many similarities. Welcome to Fishkeeping World. This Betta type is considered the traditional form that would have been found in the wild. Beautiful Betta – BLUE BUTTERFLY OHM MALE. The best known Betta species is B. splendens, commonly known as the Siamese fighting fish. He’s quite the character. This is the first betta I have owned so looking for as much info I can find on them. They have a vivid color of green and blue iridescence with a tan-brown body. Rare Types of Betta Fish. Females tend to have lighter colorations and short fins and tail. This is a species with a long and fluid tail that tends to fall off the caudal peduncle. The Betta Pallifina is found in clear forest stream in the Barito River basin of Indonesia. I mean this betta stands his ground when changing water he heads towards my hand gesturing ad challenging. The fish has a red body with a black bar separating the anal fin from the rest of the fish. From short and spiky to large and majestic, you will find all kinds of tail variations full of striking colors. Male fish tend to make bubble nests near the base of the tree or among the roots. They are a bi-colored variation showing different coloration between body and fins. Bright green and dark green variations which are visible with the naked eye do exist but are very rare and often considered very precious. Sometimes they will appear a certain color one week and the following week you will find a different one. You will notice the difference after observing the fin at the bottom of the fish body (ventral fin). The Betta Pugnax is also known as the Penang betta. It has a labyrinth organ, which even allows the fish to survive in the open air for short periods as long as it stays moist. Thank you for the wonderful article. The Betta Pallifina comes from the island of Borneo and can grow up to 2.6 inches (6.6 cm). This Betta fish is really popular as an aquarium fish since it comes in really unique and vibrant colors; however, they are now listed as vulnerable under IUCN due to the overwhelming aquarium trade. The difference is inthe length of the webbing and the rays. Also known as Siamese fighting fish, these aggressive small fish have the most striking tail variations, colors and patterns. You can combine coloration and tail type to find the best for you. (eds.) It helps the fish survive in oxygen-deprived stagnant waters, which is its preferred habitat. The tail is large creating half a circle similar to the shape of a half moon. He loves his live plants and plastic plants, he’s in a 5 gallon tank. Let’s learn about the main members of this family. Types of Betta Fish Tails Besides the various colors of Betta fish, there are also numerous types of Betta fish tails. Typically, it has a solid body color which extends to the base of the fins and tail. They have all types of tail types and color patterns. There are Singletail bettas and Doubletail bettas, which will be talked about more further down. Our aim is to help educate anyone who wants to keep fish. They are each pretty distinct and come with their own unique set of traits that affect the rest of the betta's anatomy! Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are very common with beginner aquarists. One of the beautiful types of betta fish, the Veil tail betta fish is the most common type of betta fish. You will often find them in rich violets or purple-blueish with other color variations such as copper and black. There are many different shades of blue around. Among aquarium enthusiasts who keep bettas, it is usually the male fish that are known as the "colorful ones. The fish was an aggressive fighter, which is why it was given this combatant name in the 1850s. The species can grow up to 2.4 inches or 6 cm in length. Siamese Fighting Fish. It is also found in the Chi and Mun rivers of the Thai region called Isan. Those who are new to betta world is likely to recognize this type as female fish. It is by far the most informative I have come across! They can be most colors of the rainbow, some will be black, white, electric blue, translucent skin, copper, green and more. They also have longer dorsal and anal fins. My daughter (3) really enjoys them as they are “friendly” and come to you and hover whenever you pay attention to them. Marble Betta Marble Bettas are another very popular variation as they have an incredible color variation. This name comes from their rounded caudal fin which is outlined on the edges with red making it look like a crescent shape. The Delta Tail Betta has a rather large tail. This species is rare as its babies tend to have a low survival rate. Fishkeeping world was created by a school of fish fanatics. Share on Pinterest. Yellow Betta Fish Yellow Betta Fish are also a very common color found. PLAKAT BETTA FISH. Another variation of this pattern is to have the body of one color and then the inside of the fins and tail of another to then become white or transparent around the edges. Detailed below you will find the different terms put to these tail types, patterns and colours. The spread of the tail reaches over 180° around the body. White Betta Fish The White Betta Fish might appear a bit plain when compared to other color variations. The Double Tail Betta is a type of fish that has two distinct tails. The Betta Persephone is found in Malaysia where it is colloquially known as the Johar fish. 500+ Funny Fish Names: From Tank You to Solemate! About how big will a Plakat get? Usually appearing as a striking and full bodied red color, sometimes this red can appear washed off too. These beautiful fish create an impressive view in your aquarium waters. This is a relatively new pattern created through selective breeding. Its habitat has been almost completely destroyed due to rubber plantations and oil palm extraction, which is why it has been listed as endangered by the IUCN. Plakat Betta Contrary to most Betta Fish, Plakat Bettas have short and round tails. It is found in Borneo and other areas of Indonesia. Their fins are also quite short when compared to other variations. The fins of this species have a long spikey crown appearance, however if the webbing reaches more than 2/3 up the tail then it is classified as a different type – the Combtail Betta. The Butterfly Betta is another common pattern and fairly distinctive. He is also a proud member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the Marine Aquarium Societies of North America and the Nature Conservancy. Among the aquarium trade more striking colors are found such as bright blue, turquoise, red and yellow. Tail variation, colors and patterns have been carefully and selectively bred over the years by experts and now there are hundreds of betta fish types. We’re thrilled to have you as part of our community. Usually with brilliant striking colorations, the fins of this variation are quite funny. This color suddenly stops and is replace by a paler and iridescent color. It is mostly found in Indonesia on the small island of Borneo. It is native to Laos and Thailand, especially in the basins of the main Mekong, Chao Phraya River. If the color pink is fuller, the fish will have a bright and rich pink color on their body and fins. Colors can be arranged in different patterns on their body and fins which make this fish so remarkable and appreciated across the fishkeeping community. These fish were commonly used and bred for fighting. Betta fish have been bred in all the colors of the rainbow. However, is it their color that is the most striking characteristic. Whether it’s because of their vivid appearance or energetic behavior, these small beauties never fail to impress. It belongs to the Perciformes order and the family of Osphronemidae. most amazing colorations and tail variations, The Complete Betta Fish Care Guide: All You Need To Know, 18 Most Beautiful Gourami Fish and How to Care for Them, What Do Snails Eat: In the Wild and as Pets, The Ultimate Hermit Crab Care Guide: Habitat, Food And Much More…, How To Take Care Of A Box Turtle – Ultimate Breed Guide List, 15+ Best Freshwater Shrimps For Aquariums, Eastern Box Turtle Complete Care Guide: Diet, Habitat And More…. The Channoides are a generic name for the Channa fish, also known as the snakehead fish. I’d imagine she’ll be quite stressed at the flaring and not being able to eat in comfort. They thrive in closed-canopy forests where there is thick aquatic vegetation in streams and swamps. Any hobbyists would like to keep this enchanting, colourful creature with voluminous fins. Betta fish, belonging to the Osphronemidae family, are amongst the most widely known freshwater fish.. Their popularity can mainly be attributed to the fact that they are small and colorful pets with spectacular personalities. Hi Kaitlynn, do you have the option to put Ariel into another tank? So Ariel can’t eat any food. However even though the coloration can appear a bit dull, if you choose the right tail type, they are quite majestic. They can also be found in roadside ditches, ancient peat swamp, black water, and small pools. The sport quickly became so popular in Thailand that it was regulated and taxed by the then King of Siam. As it’s name implies, the tail is the thing that makes this Betta unique. There are many different types of gouramis, coming in different sizes and colors. This species is unique due to the labyrinth organs which resemble lungs. These fish are native to the Mahakam river basin on the Borneo Island in Indonesia. "Oftentimes the males are favored over the females not only for their color but also because males have longer tails and more dominating personalities.

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