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How to attract women

How to Attract Women Alpha Male MindsetHow to attract women Alpha Male mindset

I know many techniques how you can attract women. First and the most powerful technique is to be self-confident. If you cannot be self-confident, fake it, until you become self-confident.

Women, as from nature, they are insecure. They want something stronger, more confident. Social programing teaches you that women love flowers, gifts, nice guys. The true is that woman search a man who will provide mental stability and physical security.

One day I asked my girlfriend:

–          “Why you are with me? Why you do not search a guy who will buy you flowers, show much more attention than I, and be real gentlemen for you?”- she looked to me, made pause for few seconds and said:

–          “Because I see that you go over the life without any fear, you are strong and unbeatable” – my girlfriend said.

Men, for girls does not need you flowers, gifts, they need your passion, your energy, your enthusiasm that you want to live, what you have a passion. In order to attract women for you need to show her your ability to earn money and grow in the future.

Woman cannot be a goal in your life. That minute you say that she is number one in your life – she loses her interest about you. Your first priority – mission in life must be your activity. For example in my life – is to help other men to become an Alpha Males by installing Alpha Man mindset in their heads. And then second priority – woman. Be just seconds priority attracts women very well.

Look what happens when woman becomes a first priority in man life? First – she feels like a queen. So much attention to her. At the beginning it seems everything is ok. Her man is thinking that he attracts her. But she starts feel boring and boring with him. She feels that something is missing. She also does not understand why she feels in such way. But the real true is that when man put woman on the pedestal; give his all life to her, instantly he becomes unattractive man.

So let remind you: in order to attract woman – live life what you want, do what you want, think like Alpha, behave like Alpha, and you will get any girl you want for long-term relationships.

Second, amazing technique how to attract women – learn how to dance/seduce woman. Woman from nature love men who can lead. Let me ask you:

–          “Who is leading than woman and man dancing together?” – The answer is man.

As I started to go for dance classes, all my group mates said – you became a gay. When I showed some steps form dancing salsa and bachata, they said – you dancing like a gay. Real Alpha Man does not pay attention to others people opinion and is not affected by them. Other people are affected by Alpha Man opinion. I was moving forward. Every weekend on Friday and Saturday, sometimes and Thursday I was going and dancing with stranger women. I discovered best techniques how to seduce woman on the dance floor.

Now when I say that I am dancing, many girls show indicators of interests. They starts feel become more and more attracted to me. So man, learn how to dance. Alpha Man must know how to dance. If you will be in wedding party and you will not have self-confident how to dance – what you will do?

Come to my Alpha Man Trainings and learn these dancing techniques.

So remember: in order to attract women – wear good stylish clothes, have your mission in life, learn dancing/seducing skills, fake that you have high self-confidence and women will be attracted to you.



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