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How to dance with a girl at the bar

How to dance with girls at a club alpha maleHow to dance with a girl at a bar

First – dance, and only dance if you like music. Why? You cannot dance very well if you don’t like music. IT is important. For example, if a girl wants to go and dance with you, but you don’t like music, stay, don’t go. You are an alpha man, you have your own opinion, your own taste and you are the one that chooses what to do. So say to your girl: “if you want you can go, I will join, when I will hear a better music. I don’t like this one”.

If you come with your woman – everything is ok. You will dance with your woman. But what to do if you come alone? Which girls want to dance?

The once that move a little bit. It means you see a girl who is moving her shoulders, she feels the rhythm of the music, she is looking around. These girls are the examples of what you should be looking for. What means if a girl is sitting on the sofa and just drinking?

Her body language tells you that at this moment she doesn’t want to dance. So you must pay attention to girl`s body language and what the body language tells about her. NOT EVERY WOMAN wants to dance at the bar. Some of them just want to talk.

When you recognize girls at the bar who want to dance, next step – approach them confidently. Keep strong Alpha Male eye contact and say:

–          “Let`s go lady to adorn the dance-floor with your beautiful smile” or,

–          “I want to dance with you. Let`s go”

Choose what you like and go.

Now how to dance, what dance steps, what movements to use in dancing with a girl at the bar:

Firstuse basic spins. Spin her with one hand – two and three times. Spin her with two hands. Spin by yourself. Look at this video how I do it.

Secondfeel the music, improvise. Use things (stuff) around bar. Take a chair- sit down your lady, dance to her, than do opposite.

Thirdbend her down accouding to the music rhythm. Girls love to be bended down. It gives them  the emotions.

Fourth – use solo. Women love to dance alone. They hate when men control them all the time. They want to feel free, to feel freedom. So give this feeling to the girls at the bar. Learn how to dance solo. You can learn from me. Basically you need know how to move your head, hands, legs, hips, how to spin, and basics steps.

Fifthlift her up when dancing at a bar. What it means? When you dance, you lift her up in the air. It gives powerful emotions to your woman.

Sixthfinish your dancing with a woman first. She will want more. If she stops you dancing – you will play her game. Always be the first. Girls will crave dancing with you at the bar.



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