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How to get a girlfriend

How to get a girlfriend with Alpha Male AttitudeI have friends who want to get a girlfriend. But they still don’t have her. They say: “I want to get a girlfriend, I want to create long-term relationships” – and one year after another passes by but they are still alone. Why?

They live with their parents or in a dormitory. I ask them: “how can you create a long-term relationship if you live with your parents?” – When they look to me and do not have an answer for it. Silent comes to us.
You can get a girlfriend if you have something to give her. A true Alpha Male rents a flat; he never goes to a woman’s apartment. Why? What happens when a man comes to a woman’s home? He simply loses control. A woman can easily throw him out of the house without any arguments. Because it is her world. And if you come to live  with her you must accept her rules.

I know a lot of guys who met girls, started relationships and moved in to their home. What happened with all of them? Some of them got divorced with these girls, others stayed. They became under girlfriend’s tread. When I met these guys, all masculinity power was dead. See, you cannot be masculine man, who has a strong world, if you live in your woman’s apartment.

As a man you must earn money twice, 3 or even 10 times more than her. Yes it is your job to create such a value for the world, that the world will give you the money. You cannot feel masculine being with her if you earn less than her.

As I say Alpha man cannot have a laboring job and be a worker. Why? Because in that way he will only be able to feed himself, in the best case he might be able to also feed his woman. What about children? A man must become really good in his field or even create his own business. Only in this way he will provide for all  of his family. There are no other ways.

If you are a student, you don’t have the money but you still want to get a girlfriend? What to do for you then? I tell you, you will not create a long-term relationship with a beautiful woman, who has options. You can create a long-term relationship with  an average (5-7) woman. Does she see the future with you? Does she see  a man, who has goals, who will become successful in future? Your girlfriend must be convinced that you will become really successful and you will provide her and your children with a maximum security.

The reasons why you lose a girlfriend – because girls start feeling that you a failure. She does not see the future with you. She sees that you do not have enough self-confidence to design your life the way you want it. You can have a really beautiful model – girlfriend – if you are totally confident on that level, and you are not afraid of anything in life. That is the reason – why I created Alpha Man Trainings, – to train men how to be fearless in life and make your dreams come true.



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