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How to pick up a business woman?

How to Overcome Approach Anxiety Forever 2How to pick up a business woman?

I discovered one amazing thing. You can meet a lot of quality women during the lunch time – (12am – 1pm). All business women leave their work and go to eat lunch. So there is a good chance for you to meet a really clever, quality woman for a long-term relationship.

What are the important things about picking up business women?

Your dress style. You should dress on the same or even higher level than business women. Dress classically with fashion. Jacket, trousers, t-shirts, shoes. These things are really important, because it give a first impression about you. Your poor clothes tell that you are unsuccessful in life. On the other hand your high quality dress style tells that you are successful and you deserve to have such a woman.

How to pick up business women dress style

How to pick up business woman

Another important element in terms of picking up business women – Your approach and the opener. An opener which works for me is direct:

              – „Hello, I noticed you, you are really beautiful to me. My name is Airinas. What is your name?“ –  This works because business women expect to be approached, because they look very sexy and very well. They are prepared to be approached. Also this opener shows my confidence, because a lot of men use indirect openers and women know that they are just afraid of saying what they really want and what they really think.

                Your Alpha Man conversation skills. Alpha man’s conversation is dominant. It means you are not passive and waiting for business woman to go ahead and start a conversation with you. You are a man, you ask questions, tell stories like in my example. In such a way business women feel passive and they like it.

                The body language of an Alpha Man.  Keep a strong eye contact with business women. Very important is what you think when you look at eyes. For example, when I am looking at business women’ eyes I am thinking: how I will kiss her, how I will touch her,  she will be safe with me, we will have a nice time, she will love my touching, my body. This kind of thinking goes through eyes and she feels that sexual energy between us.

                 Gesticulation. If you can don`t keep your hands in the pockets. A better way – gesticulate with hands. Men’s hands are an erotic place for women. As for us, women’s legs are erotic place, women pay a lot of attention to men’s hands. Also big and right gestures show your confidence, class and even intellect. It is normal in the business world to have big gestures. It shows your leadership.

                 The tone of your voice. Speak loud enough. Because it also shows your confidence. If you talk quietly, a business woman sees that you don`t trust yourself and she doesn’t want to give her telephone number. Talk clearly and loudly enough. It will also help you to dominate.

                 Posture. An Alpha Man has a powerful posture. Put your chest up, move back your shoulders. Basically you should go to the gym and train your body. I used to think that dancing would give me a posture. No, only the gym can give you a strong alpha man posture.


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