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How to pick up girls at the shopping mall

How to pick up girls at the shopping mall

A lot of beautiful girls go to the shopping malls. Some of them go to buy something, other girls – to just spend some time. Girls love spending time in the shopping malls. There are good chances for you to meet a lot of girls at the shopping malls. How to pick up girls at the shopping mall?

First – check your city out, all shopping malls

how to pick up girls at shopping malls

Check out where is the biggest number of women. Remember, a place is everything. You can be the best pick-up artist, but if where are no girls – where is no hunting.

Second – decide what opener you will use

How to pick up girls at shopping mall pick up lines

The best openers are the once that fit the situations. You can have some openers, which you will use if your head is totally empty. For example:

–          “Hi, you are a very beautiful woman. My name is Aaron. What is your name?” – direct opener

–          “Excuse me girl, where I can buy men`s stockings?” – crazy opener. Girls usually laugh at it. This is indirect opener, so later you must use transition and say to a girl:

–          “I did not approach you to ask where I can buy men`s pantyhose. Actually I approached you, because you are my type of a woman. I really like you” – now you show your intentions. A girl understands that you like her, so she has two options: 1. Stay here and talk with you 2. Go away from you.


Third – decide the model of your conversation

How to pick up girls at shopping mall conversation examples

You feel the most comfortable about the topics witch are interesting to you and you know something about them. For example, I know a lot about dancing cultural, salsa, bachata, tango. I know less about fast car sport, so for the first time I never open talk about the topics which I don’t like. Why do you must to talk about the topics you like?

When you talk about the topics you like – you radiate confidence and passion. Girls like it. Girls search for men who have passion in life. Girls think that life with such men will be much more interesting, than with men who have no passion – hobbies, ideas in life.

So, your conversation model should go around your hobbies, dreams, passions in life. You will suck her into your reality by your strong eye contact, gestures and passions in life.

Conversation model example:

–         Aaron: “Hi, you are my type of a woman, I am Airinas, what is your name?

–          Rosa: “Thank you, my name is Rosa”

–         Aaron: “I just came to this shopping mall to meet my friend and I saw you. I thought I would make a mistake if I did not approach you. And what are you doing at this shopping mall?” – As you see, I do a small talk. Small talk is needed to relax a girl.

–          Rosa: “Nice. I just come to walk around, check  some clothes out, and maybe buy something.”

–         Aaron: “Yes, all women love shopping malls, but we men, usually hate it. Rosa, do you like traveling?

–          Rosa: “Yes I really like. Two weeks a I was in Roma, Italy. I am missing it” – she starts talking small talk. And it is indicator that she wants to connect with me.

–         Aaron: “I haven’t been to Roma, but I got a really good chance to visit Turkey (Istanbul). One my friends does a lot of projects about the cultural exchange. 4-5 different countries arrive to one place, for example to Turkey (Istanbul) and represent their cultures. They represent their national food, music, dances, and their manners and so on. And you get 70 present reimbursement on your traveling tickets and 100 % reimbursement on the food and accommodation. So European Union gives you good the chance to travel a lot. But of course you must talk in English, be active in all project`s activities” – I tell a short story. It gives a lot of information to a girl, so she can relax and tell a story by herself.

–          Rosa: “Yes, one of my friends said that she was also in such kind of a project. She was in Sweden. The topic of the project was about relationship issues in family. As you know, women like such topics”.

–         Aaron: “Rosa, I want to dance with you, give your hand” – I go to something more sexual. If I talk all the time about traveling she will put me on a friend’s zone.  So I take her hand and dance with her. She wants to reject me, but I take her hands strongly and spin her twice. After that I say:

–         Aaron: “You  have such a beautiful hair, that I want to walk through the city and all men will see what beautiful woman I have, it is your natural hair or painted?

I will finish with it. You must go and try. Try to connect with a girl at  the shopping mall, but also keep a sexual tension between both of you.

Fourth – ask her telephone number and reinforce connection later

How to pick up girls at shopping mall ask girls telephone number

A lot of men make a mistake. They get a telephone number from a girl and wait two days. They read somewhere that you must wait at least two days and send her a message. What happens after two days? She does not feel anything to you. She doesn’t feel any attraction to you. She even doesn’t remember you. You were just a regular guy she met and forgot.

What a true Alpha Man does, he connects with a woman as fast as he can. He knows that emotional connection is really important thing in women’ life. After getting her telephone number Alpha Man always calls her the same day, at the evening or when he finds a free time to do it. This shows women, that he is concerned about her and he wants to meet her.

This is how the plan looks like:

  1. You pick up girl at the shopping mall
  2. Get her telephone number
  3. Write her some messages or instantly call at the same day (you move conversation towards meeting point on the next day)
  4. You meet her in reality and seduce her.

A lot of men miss 3 (the third part of a plan). That is the reason why girls don`t respond to them and why they get flaky numbers.


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