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How to pick up girls in groups

How to pick up girls in groups

Introverts and extraverts on picking girls up in groups

Introverts are people who recharge themselves by being alone, while extraverts recharge themselves by talking with other people, being around people.It means that picking girls up is really suitable for extraverts.

Who are you? Do you like to be at the center of attention? Many really big extroverts like to be at the center of attention. For them picking girls in group is much easier than for introverts. Introverts prefer being alone.

I had many students. Some of them were extraverts. For them to pick up group of girls is easier than for introverts. They have bigger energy, they like more to be around people, they have bigger gestures, expression and so on.  So what about introverts?

Do introverts can get results in picking up girls in groups?

guy studying in library

Yes, introverts can get results, but they must focus in strong words, which make influence to people. We all interested about ourselves. We all want to know what other people talk about us. So introverts can use this strong power – talk about group members. Members of group will listen introverts even they don`t have big gestures or facial expression. Introverts cannot talk loudly, they don’t have a big face expression and gestures, but they can focus on words what they saying. For example, introverts can have big power by using personal words to person who is in the group:

– “You are my type of woman. I really like you. I see my type of woman just maximum two times in the year” – such words you can say in quite low tone of voice but they will make a big influence to girl.

“I thought that you are from Africa. You must live with giraffe, lions, elephants” – if girl says that she is from London, introvert can use sense of humor and say that she is from Africa by her appearance. It will make them laugh even he will say it without any expression of face, gestures.

Use Alpha Man body language to pick up girls in groups

Alpha Man body language

Introverts and extraverts can use strong attractive body language. The more space you use around you, the more confident you look like. Always lean back in attraction stage. When you seduce woman you should look like she needs you. When you will be in relationship stage, after sex you can lean forward and listen her. When you make business with men, always lean forward and show that you listening them carefully. Women don’t like men who are not prize for them.

Look at photo bellow.  What body language i use. I put my hand on the rail, smile and show my all attention to group male. He is satisfied because i show respect and attention to him. My hand doesn’t  let him go. In every situation make your body comfortable, use space. When you will feel strong. Your body language makes how you feel inside.

This body language gave me results – i got telephone number from male of the group, and i seduced one of two girls. Choose correct body language which people like.

Use hands gestures to let girls talk

How to pick up group of girls 2

You are the one who is controlling group energy. If you let to someone control group energy it is impossible to get results you want. You can use your hands and let people to talk by saying:

-“You, Stefanie, is important for you size?” – this is crazy question, but usually women laugh from it.

Women like men who can control their energy. That is the reason why they like DJ, singers, dance trainers and so on. They control their energy. They suck them into their world. So, talk, use gestures and control who can talk in group. You will gain Alpha status in group.

Choose correct opener for situation

how to pick up girls in groups opener

If you open a group of girls without man and girls are young (18-20 years old, so your opener should be lite and easy to relax them, or even with sense of humor to make them laugh). The more girls are young the more humor you need. The more your conversation must be soft, easy and light. They are young, they just want spend good time. If you don`t give good time for them, they will go and find someone else.

You can use opener:

-“Girls, are you good drivers?” – you represent situation: you and your friend want rob a bank. So you need girls – drivers who can help you. Girls usually laugh of it. It is good way to make them feel relaxed.

Conversation model. Be an Alpha Man (tell stories, ask questions, be active)

how to pick up group of girls 1

-“Girls, i and my friend want to rob a bank. So, we need good drivers. We know that you are really good drivers. Do you have driver license?” – you talk with girls about driver license, about what type of bank you will rob and after this all shit you say a transition:

-“Girls, it is enough to talk about robbing banks, because i see from your eyes that you will rob me. Now i will say a real reason why i came here.”…you make a pause…and say to your target (the one girl you like the most): “the real reason is you. You are my type of woman. I really like you. What is your name?

Of course you tell a story from your last week. This is good way to get connection with woman

“Girls, have you been in Turkey?” – first i open a conversation topic i want. Girls will say their answers and when i will tell my story. It is perfect way to transition conversation.

-“Last week I was in Turkey (Istanbul). I have been for exchange program. We Lithuanians, Italians, Turkish and Romanians exchanged cultures. The project was about national dances. We Lithuanians represented our national dance. Others countries did the same. The atmosphere of project was amazing. Project was full of dances, good energy and happy people. Maybe you also have been in such kind of projects?” – I told very little short story about my last week experience. After it some of girls say something about projects. In such way you develop conversation with group of girls.

Get telephone number from your target

how to pick up girls in groups

 –“Tomorrow I will be at the center of city. Let`s meet each other. Write down your number” –  i suggest really safe place to girl – to meet in the center of city at the day time. Many of my students were making big mistake. They were suggesting next day meet in the evening and go for dancing. Many girls scared. Evening time is not comfortable for them for the first date. Your job to make them feel safe. So suggest day time and place where are a lot of people. You will get telephone number easily and girls will come to meet you.


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