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How to pick up women at wine-bars?

How to pick up women in wine-bars?

This article is for men who want to find really quality woman. For men who wear business jacket, watch and so on. How to pick up quality women in wine-bars?

First – find in your city the best wine-bar places.

how to pick up women at wine bars 2

I found them by asking girls on the street:

–          “Hello girls, where are places, where come older than 22 years old women, wears business clothes, high-heels, intellectual, clever woman?” – describe what you want. They as a women go to a lot of places to talk with girlfriends, so they know all places you need. Ask at least 4 girls and see what places are the most popular.

When you know all these places and you exactly know that here you will find what you want, now is time for second thing.

Second – prepare your conversation model.

Prepare opener – what you will say than you approach them. Remember they will be in groups – 2-3, even 4-5 girls. You can watch and learn my conversation model on this example. But remember my model is working for me, you are different person, so create your own. If you cannot – consult with me on skype. My conversation was:

Opener: “Hello girls, maybe you know some other places like this?” – this is indirect opener. Works on group. Because every woman can suggest you some places and of course you can get good information where go next time.

Transition: “The reason why I came here is you. You are my type” – I show for girls that I don’t come here just to ask where to go. I came here, because I saw this beautiful lady.

Make friend with a leader of group:  this one is really important if you see, that here is leader of group. Leader of group control your target`s opinion, so you must find ways to become friends with her. How I did it? Leader of the group was a ballet dancing teacher, so I suggested her to exchange contacts and maybe we will work together by creating some event of dances. With group of leaders you must behave, talk as with men. Be direct with them. Make partnership`s relationship. You must just find ways to useful for each other and exchange numbers.

Third – develop conversation, show attention to every member of group.

how to pick up women at bar

A lot of amateurs do mistake – they show attention to their target. No my friend. Your target will get attraction from you by watching your alpha social skills. Your target – girl that you like, watch your behavior at social situations and decide everything about you. She will decide what is your level of self-confidence, how you can turn social situations to your advantage and so on. Show your class and she will give her telephone number by herself to you. Talk with each member of group, be polite and friendly also have energy higher 10-15 presents, so they will not ignore you.

Fourth – take contacts from your target

how to pick up woman at wine bar 3

At this wine-bar situation I suggested to my target go and drink café next day. And she accepted invitation.

Even she said, that she does not have a boyfriend.

It is big indicator of interest that she likes me and my approach was successful.

Conclusion about picking up women at wine-bar

  1. Dress very well. Don’t go with poor jeans and jumper. Take jacket. You must feel Alpha Man in your clothes.
  2. Know every places wine-bar, lounge-bar, bars and so on, where your targets come. The more options you will have, the more confident you will feel in your body.
  3. Prepare your basic conversation. Preparation is a key
  4. Approach confidently, talk with each member, move conversation to goal and take contacts.
  5. Next day invite girl you like to your favorite place.



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