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If she has a boyfriend

If she has a boyfriend.. How to seduce her?
It is very easy to pick up two girls on the street. A lot of guys do not know how to do it. It is very easy. I am going directly to my target. In this situation my target is on the right side. So I will approach her and stop her directly.

If she has a boyfriend

I stopped her directly, looked at my hands. Always put your hands on her hips. It is the only way to control her energy! It is so important! Because how you stop a woman – creates the first impression about you. Don`t make a mistake. Guys are afraid of stopping women in front of them. Don`t make this mistake. Stop her confidently and ignore her friend. Her friend will wait for you or she will leave you. I said to her:
– “Stop! I do not know, but I liked you very much, what is your name?”

real example how to seduce girl if she has a boyfriend

So her friend left us and now I am talking one on one with her and I get her telephone number.
I ignored her female friend. Her female friend went to the shop and left us alone. My conversation with her was so simple and easy. I invited her to dance with me. And she wrote down her number.

what to say if she has a boyfriend

The key to success here is a strong body language and knowing what you want. My target`s friend understood me, that I liked her friend, so she left us. If you are trying to pick them up indirectly, a lot of times, girls don`t understand what is your target and they loose motivation to present themselves. Most people do not waste time with people who do not know what they want.


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