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How To Pickup Girls If you are 40-60 Years Old

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53 Years old short Irish (175cm – 5.7 foot) father of three kids flew from Croatia to Vilnius to do Alpha Man Training. He raised up three children and divorced with his wife because she got bored with him sexually.

He went into vegan lifestyle, tried to approach women in Dublin Ireland, but unfortunately all approaches were unsuccessful.  He found us on google and have bought our book.  After he have read our book, contacted with us over the Skype.

We gave him all our practice about is it worth fly to Odessa (Ukraine) and pick up women. He was really unsatisfied with women in Ireland, that he was thinking to meet women over in Odessa, Ukraine.

He was so happy with our first Skype talk, that after third Skype talk he asked details about doing Alpha Man Training Bootcamp in Dublin and Vilnius. He chose to do his first Alpha Man Training Bootcamp in Vilnius.

Vilnius was close to his heart as he was in relationship with Lithuanian woman for three years.

Day 1

DVD 1 (Duration 56 minutes)

Picking up student from airport and changing his Beta clothes to Alpha Man Clothes

  1. Alpha Man Haircut. You will see before and after how we have changed haircut for 53 Years old short man
  2. Complete style makeover. From 53 years old struggling man to 35 years old Alpha Male. These knowledge in this DVD give you an idea how you can gain years by changing the way you look. When you will pretend to more young girls. You will change your clothes, style, haircut, grooming, will look much more younger and when you will approach women you are attracted to and will seduce them.
  3. Student’s story how he met Lithuanian girl and started to live with her in his house in Ireland. After this story you will get an idea how you can meet foreign girl and start to live with her and have regular sex.
  4. How to get protein from vegan or vegetarian food. After this knowledge you will know how to get protein and build muscles without eating meat. It will save you years and will make your body clean. Your skin will look young and you will feel better. You will approach women with more love by using vegetarian and vegan knowledge which we explained in this DVD.

Day 2

DVD 1 (Duration 57 minutes)

Alpha Man Training theory on how to approach woman in public and get casual non exclusive relationships. Later if you will like her, you will take her to long term relationship

  1. Indirect openers. How to open a girl if you are shy.
  2. AMT techniques to spark attraction to her body
  3. Infield video where AMT couch approached 28 years old sexy Lithuanian blonde and have seduced her. We were showing this video for client and explaining techniques. This video you cannot find anywhere. We show it just on our training. After this video you will know techniques how to approach sexy 27-30 years old girls and seduce them. Even if you will be 45-55 years old. AMT coach approached this girl in English and all the time they spoke in English.
  4. How to escalate a girl and do not become a friend to her. AMT explained techniques how to implement dancing techniques and turn a girl on for sex
  5. How to approach women in Library, business meeting or conferences. AMT explained and showed an amazing  video how they approached total sexy 10s blonde in school and isolated her away from people and have seduced. After this video you will get techniques how to seduce sexy women.
  6. How to use alpha male body language and seduce women.

DVD 2 (Duration 54 minutes)

AMT Techniques to attract women

  1. Palm Reading. How to do palm reading in order to make woman interested in you. AMT coach surprised a client by saying how many children he has. AMT coach have read client’s palm and said that he has three children, because lines showed this. A student was in shock. After this you will learn how to real woman’s palm and say how many kids she will have and other interesting things. Women love this thing!
  2. How to approach woman on the street. AMT break down infield video and explains techniques
  3. How to approach woman who walks to her work. AMT breaks down this video and explains techniques
  4. How to cook vegetarian food. You will see how AMT coach with student cooked vegetarian food.

DVD 3 (Duration 46 minutes)

53 Years old man’s life story and preparation before REAL PICK-UP in the street!

  1. 53 years old client tells his all life story how things were changing in his life. You will get all experience how life was changing in Dublin Ireland.
  2. AMT coach asks questions to client: How you will open a woman? How you will continue a conversation? How you will spark attraction? How you will isolate her? How you will close her? They drive to city center to approach women and AMT Coach sees how a client remembers techniques

DVD 4 (Duration 30 minutes)

Infield Video Pick-up

  1. Amazing approach of Russian 29 years old hottie. First approach of our client and so successful! He met her in city center and went to her hotel! How it ended up we leave you to watch this product!

Day 3

DVD 1 (Duration 1 hour 3 minutes)

Breaking down PUA infield video

  1. AMT Coach break-ed down the whole infield video where client approached sexy Russian girl. Student wrote all AMT techniques and what he could do better for the next time

DVD 2 (Duration 57 minutes)

Approaching new girls in city center

  1. 53 years old short man approached 21 years old young hot girl. You will see how he was picking her up. It is funny to watch! After this video you will overcome you inner barrier that you cannot approach young girls being 40-60 years old.
  2. A client made interested a shop keeper. You will see how he approached sexy feminine shop keeper and have seduced her.

DVD 3 (Duration 45 minutes)

How to approach women in shopping mall Infield Pick-up VIDEO

  1. We were driving with client and break-ed down what happened in previous approaches
  2. Amazing successful approach! A 53 years old short client approached 23 years old hot girl in shopping center, did all AMT techniques and have seduced her! She was working in one shoes shop. It was Sunday. Has been very little people around. A client approached her, isolated, turned her on. She was asking questions him and enjoying his Alpha power. After this video you will learn how to pick-up consultants.
  3. We break-ed down what happened

Day 4

DVD 1 (Duration 55 minutes)

How to approach women on the streets Infield Pick-up VIDEO

  1. After we corrected client’s behavior we moved once again to city center to approach new women. You will see how 53 years old short man confidence increased dramatically

Day 5

DVD 1 (Duration 1 hour 7 minutes)

Breaking down Pick-up Infield video and learning some AMT dancing techniques to use once you approach a girl

  1. We went to print a ticket back to Ireland for a client. On the way we were talking about how to take girls to relationship and manage the relationship. You will get AMT coach experience how he was dating a beautiful 10s brunette in Washington DC.
  2. We break-ed down client’s infield video from Day 4th. Explained his all mistakes and trained him new techniques.
  3. AMT dancing techniques to use once you approach a girl on the street. It will spark attraction enormously.

DVD 2 (Duration 1 hour 7 minutes)

Breaking down Pick-up Infield videos how client approached 6 women in shopping mall and dropping client to airport

  1. Breaking down infield videos from previous 6 girls which client has been approached
  2. Dropping a client to airport


Frequently asked questions

If I am 45 years old short man , will I be able to achieve such success like this British client?

Yes, once you will get all knowledge and motivation after watching those DVD you will start to become Alpha Male. After 1-2 weeks you will become Total Alpha Male. But it is your responsibility. This DVD is created for men who are 40-60 years old and would like to attract 27-32 years old women.

Faces will be blurred out?

No. You will see all faces, including 53 years old short British client and girls. You commit not to reveal any identity and personal information in this product. If you will break it you agree to pay $ 1000000 for

How many days I will be able to watch this DVD ? does not commit to keep product all life time, but not less than to weeks after the product has been purchased. Be ready to take notes and learn everything from this DVD.

If I am 18-25 years old, will I be able to become Real Alpha Male?

Yes. Age does not matter. All maters is your mindset and commitment. You can be 55 years old man, if you will have Alpha Male’s mindset you will be able to seduce any woman you want. Females around the planet cannot resist for Real Alpha Males.

What will happen once I will purchase this DVD?

DVD will be unlocked under your account. You will watch by clicking my products on website.


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