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My Story How I Became Alpha Male Part 2

My story. How I became Alpha Male. Part III have recommended him some books and one internet page. Here I did a huge mistake. You cannot give people things free because they will not value it. This guy made big problems for me. He told about my manipulation techniques to all groupmates, especially for those girls. He told what books I have red and from what website I was learning. From all my heart, I wanted to help him, but he behaved like a pig. I realized that my self-confident is formed only from successful sets. I still did not have the financial independence from my parents, I still was not free from friends who might have influenced me. Read

My Story How I Became Alpha Male Part 1

Personal story How I became Alpha MaleHow I became an Alpha Male. Part 1. Until 19 years I kissed maybe 3 girls and did not fuck any girl. I came from a small town to Vilnius for studying. I cannot say that I have been strange guy. At least I thought so. However, from side I looked differently. Being Beta Male I did not achieve any results. For my one girl in dormitory I rent hoover, for another one I cocked meal but I did not sleep with them. Maximum what I got – kiss to my cheek. Girls from dormitory were gorgeous but I could not get them.

Alpha Male

alpha maleYou can be Alpha Male in lot of areas: in business, in team management, in relationship, in pickup, in training and so on. The area witch will give you highest level of confidence – is being alpha male around beautiful girls. This will give you a new emotion – YOU WILL NOT AFRAID ANYTHING IN LIFE. Read

Same Day Lay – How ask for sex to girl

how ask for sex to girl same day layI saw a sexy girl in the shop mall. She was wearing black skirt. I decided to approach her and see what kind of type she is. She was looking to me, and her eyes were telling to me: „Make love with me today“. In two hours, I convinced her to play pool with me now. She planned to visit her female friend, but she drooped that because of my created huge value in her eyes. Before starting playing a pool, I set a prize: If I win I can do with you what I want, if you win you can do with me what you want. Read

Same Day Lay Trainings in London

same day lay londonWe met our client in London and did Alpha Man Trainings. The Trainings were concentrated on how to make Same Day Lays, because of situation in London. The distances are really huge, so to pull a girl to your place is not the best idea. We trained Raldo (fake name) how to go with girls and end up with sex in girl`s place. Trainings were very successful and we very proud about the results. Read

Film Three Steps Above Heaven

three-steps-above-heaven alpha male behaviourWe included this movie to our list. The main actor shows qualities of alpha male for seducing a girl. He is brave, outgoing, confident, sexual, risky. But at the same time he is missing qualities to create long term relationship with a girl. So he loses her.

How to be an Alpha Male at the dance floor

alpha male mindset on the dance floorFirst do not pay attention for other people at all!Become Alpha Male on the Dance Floor and attract women easily with your Alpha Male Power. Learn how to become alpha male on the dance floor. We provide the best Alpha Male mindset you can find on this earth. Read

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