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Same Day Lay Report: From Water Park to Bedroom Part 2 Driving in her car

In the Sauna she said: “I like to change temperature. Go from hot to cold. Be at Sauna and go to cold shower, when repeat the process”. As we did powerful approach at the beginning and already we in her mind as sexual partner Read

Know Your Country Law Before Applying AMT Systems

If a girl will feel that you used her for sex or even raped, she gonna go to police a put charges on you (write a complaint against your actions). She can ask for the money – be like a gold-digger. Be very careful how you apply AMT Sexual escalation on a girl or most important how you use knowledge from those products. Dangerous products are: Read

Taking Girl home for sex After Gym

What happened is unbelievable. I still cannot believe what happened. It was so unexpected!!! I thought it will be usual Sunday. I did not prepare my place for bringing girls home. I was sitting on the computer and playing counter-strike 1.6. Yesterday during the night when I played my college in counter-strike 1.6 said: “AMT Coach, you kinda lost muscles. How much you weight now?” – those kind sentences pissed me off but at the same time it motivated me tomorrow (means today) go to the gym.

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