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The shortest way to get a girlfriend

how to get a girlfriend fastIf you want to get a girlfriend fast – this article will answer you. First you must pick up a girl. How you can do it? You can go on online dating, you can wait friend`s party and meet new girls at this party, or you can go like Real Alpha Man to outside ant meet instantly beautiful woman at street.

How we will pick up a girl quickly?

Where is the easiest way? From the first view – the easiest way would be online dating. There is low risk of rejection. You even do not see a girl. But on another hand you are not improving your body language, your voice of tone, your social skills. You just sit and wait like Beta – Nice guy. So it is easiest but it wastes your time.

As Alpha Man knows that the most valuable thing in life is your time. Now your earn money how much you pay for yourself for 1 hour. It is very simple. If you want to earn 50000 dollars, that means you must earn 20 dollars per 1hour. But it is just 50000. If you want to earn 200000dollars per year, that means you must earn 80 dollars per 1 hour. Your time is most valuable. Your wage is how much you pay for yourself for one hour. So sitting at home and writing stupid messages for girls like: “you very beautiful, I like you, or you are gorgeous” is wasting your time.  You can meet five different woman in that one day and get their telephone numbers.

Remember if you date just 4 women you will get the best woman of 4 womens. If you date 40 women you will get the best for you from 40 women. It is amazing. That means the more women you had in your past – the better woman you can get to your successful relationships. So do not afraid date many women. Count your every minute and choose the best of them.

The shortest way is to go out and make some girls happy. It changed my life. It is incredible. You go out with sense of confidence, stop woman and instantly control her energy. There is no other your stupid friends who interrupts you, there is no drunk people like in club. The shortest and the easiest way is to pick up woman at street or park. Approach her without any fear of rejection. Remember me! If you afraid something in life, that means you are craven. You are little small boy who afraid this world. Be animal, be an Alpha King! Go out with sense of confidence approach woman, stop her, and start conversation. Lead this conversation towards your goal and take her number. Then call her and invite for a date.

Think about: how fast you will growth if you will be at home and just watching television or readings sports magazines and do every activity which take your time. It is sad how many your time is taken by others. You live other people life. You read every article about fucking football or basketball. You are wasting your time. Instead of that use this time for you.  Improve your life. Go out and make some girls happy! Now!

We have no time for all things, we just have time for the most important things in our life. And yourself development must be important thing in your life, if you want earn more, if you want be more confident. Remember we live in information age. That means the more information you put in yourself, the better decisions you will make and the better results you will get.

Remember: other males go to the street and talk with ladies. They growth while you sitting at home and wasting your time. It means competinion growths. Alpha Man knows one important rule: woman will always choose the strongest and the most confident man who will give her a emotional and physical safety.

On this planet you have 20000 days. It means that every day is a gift for you. You never know will you be alive another day, or not.. So many people procrastinate things which will change their life the most in future. Ask yourself every one very important question: if I am doing activity witch will change my life the most in future? – it is excellent question. All people do unimportant tasks  – they go and meet they friends, they talk 1 hour on telephone, and waste their time. And they achieving nothing in life.

Think about beautiful woman. She is in relationship with you. Every day you can fuck her hardly. Every day she cooks to you. She is perfect at the kitchen. She is sexy maid at your house. She loves you, she makes you happy. She is your basic energy in life. She wants what you will be successful in your business. That is the Alpha Man Lifestyle!

You will be happy, it will change your life the most. So do activities that will change your life the most!

Behave like Alpha Man on the date

Do not afraid to lose her. If you will lose her, you will approach another woman and you will take another telephone number.

Remember! Every person craves for communication. Every person afraids to be alone. Every woman wants to be seduced by confident man.

Go on the date, be confident, have a strategic plan and seduce her. If you do everything professionally you can seduce her on the first date.

Women love than man on the date is very confident at social situations. Woman make a notes about you on how you communicate with other people. Are you strong and effective at social situations? If not install in your mind Alpha Man world-view.

Once you become more and more self-confident on the dates with girls you will be able to seduce any woman on this planet. You will be able to create beautiful  relationship with woman. It is such strong Alpha Man powers that every men dream about it.

Imagine that you will be so relaxed and powerful on the dates and creating relationship. Girls after one meet will want to meet you for another time. Beautiful sexy ladies will want you for long term relationships. It is magnetic power that has an Alpha Male.

Do not become a stupid pickup artist which use every technique he knows. Today we know that high value woman search just an Alpha Man who is natural, has strong his opinion, as has high value as a man but do not use techniques and hurts them.

Alpha Man concentrates on the quality not on quantity. That means he seduce less woman but create strong relationships with those women he likes the most.

Create Strong Long Term relationships

Install in yourself Alpha Man attitude about long term relationships. You must know why women cheat on men? How to keep girl in the relationships? What traits women are searching for long term relationships. You must understand psychology of women.


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