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Vytas Review of Alpha Man Training

Review of Alpha Man Training

Hey all,
so my story with Alpha Man Training started 3 or 4 years ago. The problem I was facing was multi-fold – I had no casual friends, my dating life was non-existent and the prospects for either seemed grim for someone with my lifestyle – a couch potato introvert working in IT. The first time we started tackling this problem was successful, so successful impact that in a random approach a week down the line I met a girl who liked me very much, with very little effort… And here I fell into the first trap – instead of continuing to work on the fundamental problem I chose the next-best-thing – a band-aid solution – started a committed relationship. After all isn’t that the point – get the girl and live happily ever after. Except it didn’t last because I settled and every day my conscience reminded me of this.

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