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Ways to flirt with a girl

how to flirt with a girl ways to flirt with a womanYesterday I and my follower were at the practice. He asked me how to flirt with girl. After five seconds he also asked: “what is the flirt?”. This article will answer for what is the flirt and how to flirt with woman.

Flirt – it is interaction with subtext about relationships between you and woman. It means that your conversation has a subtext about sex. You lead conversation till sexual topics and make more and more girl feel sexual energy for you. It is real art! Alpha man knows one thing: if you do not lead conversation till intimate topic – you will become a friend for her. It means that she will not want to have sex and normal relationships with you. So FLIRT is very important for Alpha Man Lifestyle.

I will give you a practical example. It can be a little bit stupid because we do not have a very important thing in flirt – body language. It means that the most important thing about flirt – is how you make it. How you look to woman eyes? Is your eye contact sexy? When you look at woman eyes, what are you thinking about? If you look at eyes and think about how she is friendly for you, how she is a good person, how she is a clever, you will not fuck her and your flirt will be zero.

Instead of that, when you look at women eyes, think about how you touch her body, how you move down her panties, how you suck her tits, how you touch her pussy. It will make your body language sexual. The most important thing: “what is in your mind, then you talk with her?”. How bad do you want her? The more your thoughts are dirty, the more you are sexual.

The beginners will say – but it will scare woman. The more you are confident, the better you have body language the more easy for you is to flirt with woman. Improve your body language – and you will raise your level of flirt.

Situation and practical example: you see the girl sitting in the park. She is very gorgeous. You want go, talk and seduce her. Tip for you: scan her appearance. If you can comment on her appearance – you will dramatically increase your level of flirt. Go and say with sexual eye contact to her. But do not scary her: „Hi, I saw your beautiful green trousers which perfectly apply for with beautiful green enviroment“. – it will works. Why? Because it is very natural. It is not stupid pick up line. You do not go and say something stupid: “who lie more men or women?”. It is unnatural. It is not Alpha Man. Alpha Man shows her that he likes her and choose her. I am  convinced If you have perfect body language – every line will work. Why? Because you will say it with sense of confidence. If you do not have confidence any pick up line will not work for you.

How woman will react for it? – she will be happy because she was approached by good looking confident man. Women are waiting these kind of men! Women love to flirt with men who  also can do this. The sexual energy raises between them then they flirt.


Flirt is interaction through sexual body language. In this photo I approached a girl, made small little conversation – like a warm up, and then everything led into sexual. I gently (softly) touched her ass. That increased your sexual energy till enormous level.

Another example. Here situation in the long term relationships. Your woman hoovers your bedroom.  And you work with computer, pay attention for your girl and see she is standing by  keeping one leg on the sofa, and another on the floor. She looks very sexy and strong. You look sexy at her eyes and touch accidently her and say: “you look like destructive woman (woman with sexy clothes at the building-construction field). Like from the Benny Benassi`s music clip “Satisfaction””. The most important thing her is body language. How I thought these lines? I paid attention to her body language and ask myself: “What actor or person it reminds?”. You can flirt with a woman by giving her nickname. 

The essence here is my touches. How I touch her. Why? Because woman body are far more sensitive than man`s body. That touch make the biggest impact for her. if you want to be good at flirt, ask yourself: what I can comment on her appereance ? what reminds her body language? What person?  (pay attention how she sits, how she keeps her legs, head, tits, everything) what person she look like? – these are perfect question for askink yourself in social situations.

Flirt is also sexual energy which comes when you are spontaneous.  Unpredictable  – number 1 Alpha Man quality for flirting with girls. Why? Women are very excited that man hug,touch, make eye contact, grab her hand and lead suddently. Example: you approached girl at the bus station. Made a little easy, lite, soft conversation and then she is relaxed you said for her: “let`s go on this side” – NEVER SAY WHERE YOU ARE GOING. Why? Tell this and woman will lose interest.

how to flirt with a woman Alpha man Training

My follower asked me: „How to raise sexual energy between you and a girl?“ – as we know if your sexual energy goes down, woman lose her interest and then she says: „very nice to  meet you. Thank you, I must go J“ –  What the real she says: what you are nice guy who is bored NEVER BE A NICE GUY. Flirt with woman like Alpha king. How we can raise inner sexual energy between you and your woman?

  1. Put nicknames on the girls (rose panther, shakira, dirty witch)
  2. Do action (lead her to another place, do a game)
  3. At the Alpha Man Trainings
  4. At the Alpha Man Trainings

How to flirt with group of girls

Alpha man flirt with group of girls

At this photo I inserted nicknames into these girls. Girl on the left for me became a Shakira. Girl forwards me became a Rose Panther. Girl on the right, which is interested into me – sex bomb..

Women love a Alpha Man who can make them laugh and feel sexual energy.


  • if you want to be good at flirt – pay attention for your voice. What is the tone of your voice? Is it sexual or not? If not, make it .
  • Also pay attention for your body language – what the message do you send for girls due your body movements? – are you confident? Or do you afraid this world? Do not AFRAID ANYTHING IN LIFE. If you afraid – that means you are coward. Alpha Man do not afraid anything in life.
  • Do you lead her? If not – lead her.
  • Do you put on her a nickname? If not – PUT!



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