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Augusta Georgia Pua Bootcamp

alphaman trainings in your countryThe Top Augusta Georgia PUA Infield Workshop!

Receive Live Infield PUA Training in Augusta Georgia With The Real Alpha Male

I will train you how to manipulate and make girl addicted to you. I need talk with you on skype.

Men who took my private training all achieved success. Your identity will be protected. No one will know that you have been in training. 100% safe.

I will train you how successfully approach a girl on the street, hook her, attract her, get her number, even get laid with her on the same day. Moreover I want you to train amazing dance skills, witch you will use in night game.

Together we will go to clubs. We will be like partners. I will help you by giving you my all experience. I will correct all your mistakes that you make with women. Also I will rise your self-esteem till that level, that you will not afraid anything in life.


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Girls love Alpha Males who are confident and know what women want. I will give you all knowledge what today’s modern woman wants in male.
alphaman training
You can fuck a girl on the same day if your game is good. Lot of my clients have limiting belief: they are thinking that these techniques work just on American girls. While American guys think that European girls are easy AND SLUTTY. We always think that grass is greener in other country. It is boulshit! While I traveled around the planet, I notice one thing. In every country guys have same problems, they did not know how to approach girls, they stand in club and drink bear, they a passive, they do not know how to talk with a girl.

During your bootcamp you’ll learn:

  • How to eliminate all of your fear of approaching
  • How to ignite sexual attraction within seconds of meeting her
  • How to sweep her off her feet
  • Non-verbal technique to appear like a powerful man
  • How to bait her to invest and pick up YOU!
  • How to boost your charisma when it comes to hot babes
  • Inner game strategies and methods to surpass any test she tests you with
  • How to stay out of being just her friend and make her view you as her lover
  • And way more!

Watch PUA Training. Augusta Pua Bootcamp


  • PLACE OF TRAINING: talk on skype
  • Date: We will schedule during skype conversation
  • Time: Till we will achieve your goal.
  • Age: does not matter
  • Investment in yourself: After we will discus how many days we will need to train you.

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Other cities served in Georgia: Columbus, Augusta, Macon, Savannah

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