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I pulled D size tits girl from lunch date back to my place

I met this chick on last Tuesday when I was in the restaurant to have my breakfastShe was so close to me,She was tall, wearing tight jeans great ass, slow walk . I opened her hey u r looking stunning!!She … Read

How to pull a girl to OYO hotel and fuck

She was with her friend near my table at the venue so I immediately approached both of them. I used A direct opener and invited them to my table; they were very receptive. throughout the whole night i used gentleman … Read

How to Get Laid in Melbourne – Where to Pick Up and Date Girls

Match with her on tinder last year September .we went on a date together and she was too hot and charming I was wtf I have decided that today I gonna fuck her that’s it.But she was fucking talkative and … Read

How to flirt at work and seduce a female coworker

Our report and fuck scene infield: She is from the same company but she was not satisfied with the job so she was leaving in just few weeks , so as the rule for daygaming I followed alphamantraining techniques on … Read

How to Get Laid in São Paulo – Where to Pick Up and Date Girls

OUR infield and lay report: Photo cropped from our talking: I was in sao Paulo brazil in december 2021 went club to pull a girl to my hotel room. So I entered this club a 3 in the afternoon. … Read

Secrets to Pick Up & Hook Up with an Milf and her daughter

Mom and daughter fucked by AMT KRK – top old from 2016-2017 follower who has wife, couple dogs in Dallas USA, bought lot of infields of AMT , drew on paper what sluts to fuck and cum inside for … Read

A sexy gym girl sat next to me at 9 pm in the bus and I ended up cuming inside her anus

It was 9 pm few days back. I was after groceries. Sat in the bus. Was driving back. And in one bus stop a hot female with gym bag jumped to the bus and specially with extravagant body language sat … Read

How can a man seduce a married woman and cum into her three times next day

I cannot describe you, that female was supported by husband’s money – great cosmetics, great outfit, BMW jeep. Amazing figure. She was working out with gums at and also sometimes attended private training at gym with gym trainer. Had amazing … Read

How to pull teen who has a boyfriend and turn her ON for sex

Teenagers (15-17 years of age). Yesterday I received her info via my online invented newest 2022-08 system. Her Instagram pictures: Let’s get back to this 17 years old hot ass and huge tits teen. When I saw her Instagram and … Read

Threesome How-To: Step-by-Step to Get Two Girls | Girls Chase

If you did not read PART 1 how I got threesomes – my approach, pulling them to my place, READ it. I am writing this by playing music loud to increase my energy. I drank coffee, talked to CDM(stands for … Read

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