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I went for a walk and suddenly a girl wearing a mini skirt came to the bus stop

I ate, I went out for a walk. After that, I got on the bus, drove further, got off and started walking. I went to some bus stop. I walk towards it and suddenly the lady in the picture below … Read

How to find out that a girl is virgin and how to seduce her

We arrived at the public transport stop. Even before we came, we saw that a girl was sitting there with glasses on, her eyes could not be seen. When we got inside the station and she felt us close, she … Read

How to charm and seduce a young mother with a baby in a stroller

In the photo below, you can see the young mother we approached today and seduced her. It so happened that we saw her pulling the stroller along the road. A small child was sleeping in it. The mother seemed interesting … Read

The Ukrainian woman smiled and we took advantage of that

Today we got ready to go to the gym to do sports. We are walking down the street and we see a girl wearing a blue dress coming in front of us. We were really well prepared, hair done, perfume … Read

How to seduce a girl who is with family friends

We remember when our client, who has invested in many of our videos from approach to sex with girls, said: “I’m only interested in approaches to one girl. I’m not interested when she’s in the group.” Then we wrote to … Read

Lost shape in seducing girls AMT seduced girl near water

Here you know like in sports. You may have been exercising since the age of 16 all your life, but look, don’t exercise for half a year and your form falls and falls so that you don’t get back to … Read

San Jose California Tall Brunette Model fucked at her birthday party by AMT

We got this telephone call and her female friend is asking us to participate at San Jose California tall brunette’s birthday party. At the picture below you could see what we have authority over those girls and they respect us. … Read

Another’s man wife redhead fucked by AMT near the beach

It was hot day. When we were walking, sun was shining and we kinda wanted go back to home and do not be outside. But we said ourselves, we should go to gym and when to the beach. So we … Read

Slim blonde working for company as director been seduced by AMT

So amazing weather nowadays. It is very temping to go outside and approach another’s man wife and fuck her. We see this slim blonde jumping in the bus. We just alone by ourselves in the bus and we sit in … Read

Another’s man wife – milf been fucked by AMT

We have been after the sport. We went 8 a.m morning to the gym, done 5 exercises for 3 series for 10 reps, great workout which increased as always our testosterone. We felt so relaxed and also wanted to fuck … Read

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