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If that slut writes publications degrading honor and dignity they use tools to isolate her and even..

if that slut will write… One day I was standing in bus stop in Bussijaam Estonia. I entered bus. I see this perfect shape woman sitting in the bus seat near the window. Perfect opportunity to me. Just few other … Read

Belarus Lyda woman seduced on her Birthday Party in Lyda Eastern Europe

Hi guys it is AMT here. On 2018 I have been invited to Lyda Belarus Eastern Europe, close to Baltics, to show perfect dances. I prepared my stuff, contacted police in Belarus thru Lithuania Police and let them know … Read

Milwaukee Wisconsin USA woman seduced by AMT

2018 Milwaukee Wisconsin USA. AMT was invited to bachelorette, as AMTbuild-ed up great reputation among Milwaukee Wisconsin USA women.AMT is waiting in the room to show prefect performance andshock females Some girls speak Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, English. Learn those languages. … Read

Workout hard sing dance solo and make connections

Beautiful Lithuanian female, sexy lips, eyes, pink nails Where EAST and WEST meets , – Vilnius AMT: “Hey do you know what is the time now?”Baltic female: “4pm 40 minutes” AMT: “You are on the date?”Girl: “Waiting for female friend”AMT: … Read

Being Leader of your country share females with other leader of another country to not get revenge in future

Excellent Mid-size budgeting company employer with great understanding and doing what he can the best skills came to us and we talked about why actually wars are hold on in the world. The answer is because of females. Thank youDid … Read

Lead group and be Sexual Alpha Man at the party

Dance lesson for the company director’s birthday AMT is holding dance training at business man birthday party. This business man knows AMT for 10 years. Before 10 years he was purchasing some services from AMT AMT: “Okay, so come closer … Read

White American Woman seduced near Pentagon in car by AMT at Washington DC

Our great white German roots – excellent logical thinking for military equipment, household appliances and cars follower was asking us – for some seduction infields. Here is our chat. I bet you’ll find yoga slut soon—possibly today!!! While you’re … Read

AMT is holding bootcamp in Poland and talking to German Roots Follower

AMT is holding bootcamp in Poland and talking to German Roots Follower Our TOP white German roots – Amazing engineers in the design of cars and home appliances follower paid invoice for infield and talked to us more. Paid Just … Read

Gym girl blonde number 2 with big tits fucked by AMT

Outstanding in formuling budget for mid size companies, perfect communication having our follower who can easily can solve war in 3 hours with great communication and influence skills on Putin, even Pentagon asks AMT to provide seminars and bootcamps on … Read

Female neighbors knocking to AMT’s doors and asking to “fix TV” AKA Fuck them NOW!!!!

I can’t believe you turned yoga bitch into total slut for you!!!! 00:48, Pir She looked like she wanted to get the heck away from you guys, but I guess you chased that bitch down, approached her, seduced her, then … Read

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