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Another’s man wife redhead fucked by AMT near the beach

It was hot day. When we were walking, sun was shining and we kinda wanted go back to home and do not be outside. But we said ourselves, we should go to gym and when to the beach. So we … Read

Slim blonde working for company as director been seduced by AMT

So amazing weather nowadays. It is very temping to go outside and approach another’s man wife and fuck her. We see this slim blonde jumping in the bus. We just alone by ourselves in the bus and we sit in … Read

Another’s man wife – milf been fucked by AMT

We have been after the sport. We went 8 a.m morning to the gym, done 5 exercises for 3 series for 10 reps, great workout which increased as always our testosterone. We felt so relaxed and also wanted to fuck … Read

How to Seduce Another Man’s Wife – Infield Pickup

We so feel relaxed after sex with amazing wife who we seduced during the daytime. Our all body relaxed. From head to leg feet, totally relaxed and happy. Lot of endorphins. As her body was amazing – huge tits, amazing … Read

How to hook up with a MILF Pickup Infield Report

OMG men! What happened is so exciting and turning on! We were driving on public transport and we see this milf is sitting with her son. She is kinda hot single mom in that skirt. So we decided to approach … Read

How to be alpha man at the party in De panne Belgium

2022 late summer. De panne Belgium. Girls invited me to birthday party. When I was approaching with car, I remember, this girl in see thru blue dress was calling me and trying to see me to show exactly where she … Read

Sexy blonde with amazing ass fucked by AMT at party in Antwerp Belgium

Because of built great reputation among Europe girls I was invited into 3 girls birthday party in Antwerp Belgium. And we love those small groups up to 4 girls birthday parties because it ends up with great seduction of birthday … Read

AMT fucked two hot girls at birthday party

It was 2023 late summer. I was approaching garden house back in Eastern Europe and this amazing sexy hot blonde with black long shoes were meeting me at 10 pm. She was showing me where to park a car. I … Read

If that slut writes publications degrading honor and dignity they use tools to isolate her and even..

if that slut will write… One day I was standing in bus stop in Bussijaam Estonia. I entered bus. I see this perfect shape woman sitting in the bus seat near the window. Perfect opportunity to me. Just few other … Read

Belarus Lyda woman seduced on her Birthday Party in Lyda Eastern Europe

Hi guys it is AMT here. On 2018 I have been invited to Lyda Belarus Eastern Europe, close to Baltics, to birthday party. I prepared my stuff and went. So getting back to my Belarus Lyda woman seduction story. I … Read

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