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Tadas 5’4 (163cm) Transformation to Alpha Man (32hours online DVD)

15,000.00 USD 2,310.00 USD

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Training are recorded in DVD

Guys, I did an amazing thing! I recorded three Alpha Man Training stages. First stage – how to approach and seduce one girl. Second stage – how seduce her on the first date. And the fourth stage – How to start, keep and control relationship with a girl. If you will buy this DVD, you will get all knowledge I am giving in Training.

From average looking guy with average results to WOMAN`S DREAM ALPHA MALE WITH ALPHA RESULTS!!!

Do you want to become Alpha Man in 21day? Per 21 day you can install new successful ALPHA MALE HABITS. Tadas arrived to Alpha Man Training from London. During 21 days he got knowledge about how to be an Alpha Man. He did lot of pickup. Tadas approached many girls, some of them dated. His results:

Before AlphaManTraining Tadas:

  1. Could not approach any strange girl on the street
  2. Had Low level of self-confidence
  3. Every time became friend to women, but not a man who fucks them
  4. Could not approach two girls walking down the street
  5. Could not approach girl in the university
  6. Had an average looking style. Trousers were too big, tie not suited up to his style
  7. Did not know his strengths. He knew just his shortcomings.

After AlphaManTraining:

  1. Can approach any sexy girl he likes
  2. Can seduce and give powerful wild screaming orgasm to woman.
  3. Has High level of confidence. AMT helped him to discover his strengths. His self-esteem flew like rockets to the sky.
  4. He is a man who fucks and get relationship with any woman he wants.
  5. Has a perfect, suitable, classy and fashionable style. Alphamantraining helped him to change his hair-cut, wardrobe.
  6. Perfectly control and manage group of girls and even groups with other Alpha Male. He was a manager at bachelorette party and he did everything successfully.
  7. Knows what he wants in two years. Has a vision.
  8. Knows how to start, keep and control relationship with woman.


1 DVD (144min)


Approaching a girl on the street WITH INDIRECT OPENER (girl will be seduced to give telephone number)

  1. How to pick up beautiful girl on the street. How to stop her and create amazing first impression. After these knowledge you will approach women correctly.
  2. What opener to choose? You will learn great openers which open any girl for conversation
  3. How to trigger her emotions? What to say and how to behave to make her feel excited and want you more? AMT will explain and show you techniques on video. After it you will practice everything at day game.
  4. How to continue conversation with a girl? What stories to tell? After it you will never have a problem run out things to say. Imagine who you will become
  5. What body-language project towards girls? AMT will show videos, what body language he uses. You will be surprised how he from Balkan areas (Armenian) uses Kino (touching techniques) to make women horny FAST. This is PURE GOLD. Techniques will reinforce your seduction skills dramatically.
  6. HOW to reinforce connection with a girl after you get her number. After it you will never have Flakes, that girl does not respond to your call or message.

Managing date (a girl on DVD is seduced on the first date. AMAZING ADVANCED TECHNIQUES)

  1. What places to choose for pulling a girl.
  2. Manipulating advanced techniques to make her feel addicted to you
  3. How to reprogram her mindset about sex. For example girl is programmed that she will not kiss a guy on the first date. And of course she will not have sex on the first date. But. AMT explains amazing techniques how you can change her thinking, reprogram her and have sex on the same day. After such strong knowledge, you will practice and you will get a skill to seduce models on the first date.
  4. How to recognize horny girls. Reading her body language. After it you will become like AGENT who will see her through. AMT will show different videos with different girls. You will start recognize girls who will fuck you on the first date.
  5. How to bring girl home.
  6. What to do at home
  7. How to take her to bedroom. Gold techniques witch will help you to isolate any beautiful model to your bedroom.
  8. How to destroy her last minute rejections
  9. How to have sex without condoms
  10. How to give her powerful sex that she will come back again

2 DVD (91min)

Approaching strange girl on the street. DIRECT METHOD

  1. Direct opener. How to open girls using direct method. Guys, you should be very careful by what kind of trainer you choose to learn from. You can learn habits witch do not give you success with women. ALWAYS CHOOSE TRAINER WHO HAS BIG SUCCESS WITH WOMEN and IS ALPHA MALE.
  2. Ways to dominate a girl. After it you will know how you can be unpredictable and interesting. Girl will fall in love with you after feeling submissive to you.
  3. How to be funny.
  4. How to escalate THINGS TO SEX. After it you will always touch women and never become friend. You will fuck them.
  5. Tadas` Daygame and coaching from AMT. You will see all Tadas approaches, how girls rejected him and how some of them gave him numbers. You will see how AMT corrected all Tadas` mistakes.

3 DVD (30min)

Daygame practice

  1. Tadas approaches some girls, get rejections. AMT correct mistakes. After this DVD you will see what mistakes usually amateurs do then they approach girls.
  2. Tadas approaches shy girl with indirect style. Girl does not understand what he wants, so she rejects him.
  3. Tadas approaches sexy girl with round ass, but with low level of self-confidence. Girl rejects him.
  4. AMT corrects Tadas` approaches in order to not do same mistakes once again.
  5. Once again Tadas does not overcome his fair to approach using PUA Direct Method. Once again he opens a girl by asking: “which bus goes to x bus station”, girl does not understand him. Tadas is persistent and he is taking her number after 5 minutes.
  6. Tadas is doing pickup with two girls! How ends we leave for you. Buy ant watch.

4 DVD (129min)

Breakdown In-field pickup of Tadas and Day game at the University

  1. AMT comments on how Tadas should pickup blonde in the street
  2. How to touch women
  3. A Plan how to pickup girls at university or college
  4. Three rejections in a row. Tadas is losing confidence totally
  5. Amazing Tadas` approaches at university! He got more than two numbers from beautiful women.

5DVD (129min)

Asking girls for a date and installing POWERFUL DIRECT STYLE

  1. How to ask girl go out on the date. Calling and selling skills
  2. Tadas ask one girl go out for a date successfully
  3. What type of men women like. What women find attractive in men.
  4. The psychology of beautiful attractive women. How they think? How you should approach them?
  5. How instantly kiss a girl after you approach her
  6. Alpha Man body language (movements, eye contact, touching techniques and so on.) AMT teaches Tadas Alpha Male body language
  7. Best boyfriend destroying technique, discovered by after this you will seduce girls who have boyfriends. Simply insane!!
  8. Reading female body language. How to notice, does she will fuck you if she has a boyfriend? AMT will give you an amazing techniques.
  9. AMT shows another approach in the shopping mall. He shows what results you can get by using confident and successful alpha male body language.
  10. DHV techniques (showing high value of Alpha Male). After it girls always be interested into you, because you will be a man with value.
  11. Story telling techniques. How to tell stories.
  12. Leading techniques. How to lead a girl that she will be in your reality. After understanding these techniques you will be able to seduce most beautiful women. You will never run after them.
  13. Insta-fuck techniques. How to have sex with strange women in the shopping mall. PURE GOLD!

6 DVD (26min)

Day game practice. Preparation before exam

  1. Tadas approaches an amazing brunette with red pants. She is so hot. How everything ends up, please buy ant watch it!!
  2. AMT shows brilliant approach on hot girl who is wearing a skirt. He tells ring story, isolates her from people and seduces. After watching it you will learn how you should approach girls and seduce them!

7 DVD (43min)

Real Exam of  AlphaManTraining Stage 1

  1. Tadas prepares himself mentally for exam. He will go by himself and approach women. AMT will shoot him from outside and after 40minutes will comment his all exam.
  2. Tadas has started exam. He is doing about 5-6 approaches, but they are not successful.
  3. Where are lot of young girls, so situation is quite hard for Tadas. But there he is doing approach on lady, who is sitting and drinking coffee. Soon comes her female friend, but Tadas did not lose confidence. He continued conversation and seduced one girl. He got 50 percent and passed exam.
  4. AMT wrote 70 present and told why. Tadas tell all his feelings about exam and these Alpha Man Training.

8 DVD (53min)

Style changing of Tadas. We usually change clients’ style in the first lesson, but Tadas had problems with bank card, so we changed his style just after one week.

  1. Tadas and AMT went for shopping and bought two pieces of trousers, 3 pieces of shirt, amazing Italian style shoes, belt and some other stuff.
  2. Possession of Tadas. AMT is making professional photos for Tadas. He will use these photo in the dating sites, like facebook, tinder.
  3. What style of men women like
  4. How to prepare yourself for going out.
  5. Alpha Man body language in photos.
  6. How to iron the shirts
  7. Confident successful and quite aggressive man haircut.

9 DVD (61min)

How to have sex with girl on the first date

  1. Seduction plan for guys who do not have a car
  2. Seduction plan for guys who have a car
  3. Reprogramming girl mindset about sex
  4. What to talk and how to continue talking with a girl on the date. After this technique you will never run out things to say.
  5. What stories to tell in order to make girl think about sex?
  6. Alpha Man behavior on the date
  7. How to pull a girl home
  8. How to prepare her for sex
  9. How to bounce her to bedroom
  10. How to start escalate her
  11. How to rouse her for wanting sex
  12. Types of men women sleep with. How to become one of them?

After this DVD you will be able to seduce any woman on planet during first date. GOLD TECHNIQUES.

10 DVD (108min)

Being Alpha Male among many girls. Managing group of girls.

  1. How to have Alpha Male status in party?
  2. How to create first good impression?
  3. How to talk confidently in front of people?
  4. How to have sex with a girl you like from party?
  5. How to have threesomes (sex with two girls)?

Tadas started Alpha Man training stage 4. During this stage he is keeping fake exam. His job is to be a leader in bachelorette party. He is like manager who controls enviroment about himself. He has two striptease dancers. If he will lead this party successfully, his sense of self-confidence will fly like rockets.

After this DVD you will get all AMT knowledge about how to control, manage group of girls. How to be confident around girls. How to have sex with girls you like from party.

11 DVD (100min)

  1. AMT give feedback from previous mission – managing group of girls.
  2. How to recognize: does girl will have sex with you on the first date? AMT shows some of his and his partner`s dates. Tadas now is understanding how to recognize girl witch will fuck him on the first date.
  3. Which girls searching boyfriends? How to recognize them?
  4. Which girl searching just good time + sex? How to recognize her?
  5. What type of body language use in order to make her horny and want sex with you?
  6. How to hypnotize a girl to do what you want?
  7. How to give commands for a girl in bedroom ant put out some dirty talk lines.

12 DVD (92min)

Daygame of Tadas. AMT making breakdown of Pickup In-field

  1. Tadas approaches two girls with weak body language and it ends up with failure.
  2. Tadas approaches one sexy girl going to work. She is wearing a sexy skirt. But Tadas do some mistakes and it ends up also in failure.
  3. Tadas perfectly approaches one girl going to bus stop, but later he does mistakes and it ends up with failure.
  4. AMT shows an amazing approach on hot blonde – 9 points. He isolates her and seduces. After this video you will see your future!
  5. AMT seduces another blonde in bus stop. She lives alone in flat. She shows interest to meet AMT next day. After this video you will get knowledge how to set up date easily.
  6. AMT approaches group of girls. He instantly isolates one of them. By using direct method he creates attraction and seduces her. Amazing skills.
  7. Moreover Alpha Male (AMT) pickups another one girl. He bounces her on the bench, hugs her, own space around him. Later he takes her to another places and starts dancing. This girls becomes horny. Tadas shoots and cannot believe what is happening. This day was amazing for AMT
  8. Later they analyze all videos. AMT explains all Tadas` mistakes and how he needs to correct them. AMT shows a path to go and become successful in daygame.

13 DVD (34min)

Groups. Openers for mixed groups (PUA, AMOG)

  1. How to win every conflict with other Alpha Male?
  2. Alpha Man conversation and persuasion
  3. How control group where is another Alpha Male?
  4. Tadas manages group of people perfectly. AMT gives a lot of tips about, how to be successful with group of people.

14 DVD (84min)

How to get a girlfriend and keep her

How to make a girl addicted to you, that she will want relationship with you. Deeper psychology and understanding.

  1. Why men lose girlfriends? AMT will tell his client`s story how he lost girlfriend and why it happened. He will also tell others clients’ similar stories. So you will have better understanding why women leave men.
  2. How to pass women`s tests in relationship. How Alpha Man answers to such questions like: “How many girl you had in past?”; “where you have been yesterday?” and so on. After these knowledge you will pass all women test and you will never lose women again.
  3. Alpha Male lifestyle. How he plans a day.
  4. Alpha Male shows videos how he developed relationship with beautiful 9 point woman. After it, you will be able you create relationship with any beautiful sexy girl you meet in your life!!
  5. Who pays back to restaurant? You or she?
  6. TYPES OF WOMEN. How to recognize her type and choose strategy to seduce her fast
  7. AMT shows videos of different type women and how he seduces them!! Simply GOLD MATERIAL!!
  8. How to give powerful sex for a girl that she will stay in love forever.

15 DVD (80min)

How to keep woman in long-term relationship, once you created it.

Advanced techniques to reinforce connection between you and your woman. AMT will show lot of videos for you, you never seen before. He filmed his all dates and he in details will explain, how he seduced amazing 9 point beautiful girl, that she wants to be spouse for AMT.

  1. How to never run out things to say on the date.
  2. How to give her emotional sex.
  3. Ways to dominate in bed.
  4. How to deal with conflicts in long-term relationship.
  5. How to make your woman feel amazing and feminine being with you.
  6. Man, Woman Roles in relationship.
  7. Day Game. Place – Shopping Mall. Tadas is doing Day-game to practice his skills and meet woman he always dreamed about.
  8. Tadas meets beautiful amazing girl in red pants. He approaches confidently and get her contacts.
  9. Tadas approaches two girls. He demonstrates good talking and leading skills.

16 DVD (108min)

How to no stuck into routine being with girl in relationship

After this video you will see all AMT filmed dates, how he dated, what he talked with a girl, how he created successful relationship. All women will be happy dating you. You will know lot of psychology how to make them happy.

  1. How to deal with other males when your girl is around you.
  2. How to read women`s body language.
  3. Three illnesses that men sick in sex. How to avoid them and become masterful lover?
  4. AMT showed 14-teen DATES. After such amount of dates, girl wrote a message for him: “What do you think about our future?” Girl is addicted and want life together. So you will learn how to do it with every girl you want.

17 DVD (54min)

Last Word. Last questions. The end of Alpha Man Training

  1. Alpha Man body language that makes girl feminine and submissive being with you.
  2. How escalate a girl
  3. Summary of everything
  4. Thanks giving to AMT from Tadas.


  1. How much time I can watch these videos?

We commit to keep those videos for two months. So make sure you learn everything from those videos in two months.

  1. Why price is $2310?

Because Tadas paid 6600$  for three Alpha Man Training Stages (this happened back to 2015. Prices are always rising up because of inflation) I am taking 35% of this price, because you will not get real practice with me. So price is 6600*0.35=$2310

  1. Can I watch those videos on my telephone?

Yes, these videos also work on telephone, ipad.

  1. Do I hear every approach what Tadas and You were talking with girls?

Yes, you will hear everything what we were talking with girls. And you will know everything how we seduced them. We use high quality wire-less microphones. The sound is amazing. Make sure you use headphones to hear everything clearly.

  1. Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes, you can.

  1. What will be after payment?

System will automatically unlock videos. You will connect to , choose MY PRODUCTS and you instantly will see this DVD program.

 7. Can I feel safe with my payment?

Yes. Payment protects

 8.Will be faces blurred out on paid videos?

No. Our clients have a right to see all faces. Also they commit not to reveal people`s identities.

9.How to get this program?

Click insert to cart, pay over PayPal. Login to your account and watch videos.

10. Can I get those videos for free in torrents?

Those videos are forbidden to be in torrents. Our clients accept this responsibility:

If you will send videos to your computer, you agree to pay 1000000$ for If you show those videos to your friend or other person you agree to pay 1000000$ for Once you will break copyright of AMT we will BAN you from our client list and write you a claim. Your friends will not value free thing. They must pay in order to change. Give them link of our website and protect this product from other people.

Our clients are not stupid and they will not create problems for themselves.

“Beta Male Transformation to ALPHA MAN Tadas (32hours online DVD)”

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