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Korean Virgin awkward 32 years old 175cm Transformation to Alpha Male

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Product Description

Complete transformation of virgin Korean awkward  32 years old 175 cm height Asian guy to Total Alpha Male. We will name him Korean awkward. He found and contacted with me (AMT) thru Skype.  I talked with him on video via skype and instructed him to rent proper training apartment for our training. So Korean guy  rented out proper, suitable apartment (1 bedroom, 1 living room, 1 sun room with another roommate). Also Korean guy  shooted video of his parents house as backup plan where to stay, because I planned to fly and do training for t least 2 months. I completed decided ty fly as Korean guy showed to me as generous, trust-worthy guy. Also Korean guy shooted videos of streets, universities, shopping malls – possible areas for us to approach women and practice training.  With this complete research and preparation the next step was for him to pay Deposit for Alpha man training and meet me at Washington DC airport.

So on December 19 I flew from Europe to Washington DC and we met.


PART 1 (Duration 28 min 17 sec)

How to approach girls at student campus. You will see Korean student style makeover, preparation, full plan what to say when approaching total strange girl, how to seduce her

Infield videos of approaching girls at campus. Korean Virgin awkward 32 years old male approached very hot blonde at campus. You will see all approaches and will hear everything what they were talking.


PART 2 (Duration 2 hours 56 min )

Korean Virgin awkward 32 years old male calls to a girl which number he got from cold approach pickup. He approached her in Yoga studio. She had amazing hot round ass. You will hear what Korean Virgin awkward 32 years old male talked to her.

AMT helps for Korean Asian male with what to say to  girl calling her over the phone and how to seduce her.

AMT, Korean Asian male and how 10 point ass brunette walks to yoga studio. AMT shoots with a phone. You will hear what they are talking. AMT seduced that brunette on the same day at the gym.

Hot brunette gives amazing secrets on how successfully approach them

Social Ninja training. Understanding the meaning of it

Everything you need to know about cold approach pickup. How successfully approach and seduce total strange girls on the streets, at parks, at malls, at universities, at campus, at gym.

Openers. How to open a girl

When to take a number and when to make a same day lay. AMT explains when and how he makes same day lays

How to increase your sexuality and approach girls with high sexual energy and instantly become to them lover. Alpha male lifestyle

How to set up a date

How to ask her out on the date

How to seduce her on the date

How to approach group of people and seduce a girl which you like from that group

Night game infield. AMT, Korean Asian male, and brunette went to night game. Brunette as a wing girl helped to AMT and Korean Asian male to seduce other girl.

PART 3 (Duration 47 min )

Yoga game. Why to seduce girls at yoga classes. Where to find a good girl for long term relationship.

Alpha man body language to display at yoga classes

How successfully approach a girl at yoga class

Technique after technique to apply on a girl to create attraction and connection. AMT will write everything on white board and will explain

How to show empathy to rise up attraction 

How to spark attraction in a girl’s body

Best openers to use at yoga classes to seduce females

PART 4 (Duration 2 hour 38 min )

Korean Virgin calls to customs and borders protection officer to extend AMT’s visa in US

Korean Virgin calls to a girl and seduces her over the phone. You will see and hear all conversation

How to close a girl over the phone to meet you

How to seduce a hot yoga teacher. AMT explains the whole plan

How to make yoga teacher’s panties wet. What lines to say. AMT coach will write everything.

Brutal techniques which focus on human need or sex

How to make a yoga teacher want sex with you

PART 5 (Duration 2 hours 48 min )

Korean Virgin awkward 32 years old male approached girls on the street, at shopping mall, student campus. You will see the whole infields.

AMT noticed that Korean Asian guy has something inside him – past experiences that hold him from continuing conversations with girls. So Korean guy reveals it and opens himself. You will see what AMT comments on it. It is very important if you have past traumas which holding you back from successfully seducing girls in cold approach pickup.

PART 6 (Duration 2 hours 10  min )

Debriefing and changing the plans how AMT and Korean Virgin awkward 32 years old male will work in the future. You will how in long training we creating plans how we will work in future.

Total amazing transformation of Korean guy. From awkward virgin to pulling hot student back to home on the first date.

What to talk to a girl when pulling her

What to talk to a girl in coffee shop. Story telling techniques. You will hear what stories Korean told to a girl to seduce her on the first date. It is amazing!

How to escalate. You will see how virgin awkward Korean student escalated a date to the point where they are in apartments and touching each other


Frequently asked questions

If I am shy Korean or Asian guy, will I be able to achieve such success like this Korean Asian client?

Yes, once you will get all knowledge and motivation after watching those DVD you will start to become Alpha Male. After 1-2 weeks you will become Total Alpha Male. But it is your responsibility.

Faces will be blurred out?

No. You will see all faces, including Korean Asian shy guy and girls. You commit not to reveal any identity and personal information in this product. If you will break it you agree to pay $ 1000000 for

How many days I will be able to watch this DVD ? does not commit to keep product all life time, but not less than two weeks after the product has been purchased. Be ready to take notes and learn everything from this DVD program.

If I am 18-25 years old, will I be able to become Real Alpha Male?

Yes. Age does not matter. All maters is your mindset and commitment. You can be 55 years old man, if you will have Alpha Male’s mindset you will be able to seduce any woman you want. Females around the planet cannot resist for Real Alpha Males.

What will happen once I will purchase this DVD?

DVD will be unlocked under your account. You will watch by clicking my products on website

What is the length of this program?

77,9 GB – 10 hours 30 minutes


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