Tricking 5 Girls into Having Sex without Revealing Personal Information - product6579

Tricking 5 Girls into Having Sex without Revealing Personal Information

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Product Description

  1. Tricking Girls into Having Sex without Revealing Your Personal Information – DVD training program for men who would like to seduce girls for sex without revealing personal information of their life’s and their personal data in order to protect them against girls wrongfully trying to run their reputation and wrongfully accuse of rape.

After #metoo times some our clients asked us to create a product of showing how to trick girls into sex without talking a lot (the less the better) and by not revealing, leaking personal information of clients which can be used against them in police. We have created this perfect system for this need.

Girl 1 San Diego perfect ass girl (Duration 2 hours 50 minutes)

Approach, Talking, Tricking,  Sex. Sex Scenes

Full uncut infield from meeting 18 years old girl till banging her on the same day

This was insane guys! We received her info over internet. She clicked heart on our profile. She thought that it was our profile. But of course not.

We went to meet her. She two times circled around the house where we said to meet. We pulled to sex location, tricked into having sex and in 30 minutes we were fucking her brilliant perfect teen ass! After sex she said: “all guys think that I am 18-19 years old. I also put on my social media profile that I am 18 years old”


Girl 2 big ass Los Angeles  hot 25 years old Girl (Duration 1 hour 21 min)

Approach, Talking, seducing. Full uncut infield video from Approach, saying “Hello” to Turning her on.

After fucking San Diego perfect ass teen, we straight went to meet perfect ass Los Angeles girl who also came to our apartment because she was seduced online. Once we went to meet her she felt and smelled teen’s pussy smell on us and easily let us to pull her.  She did not shave her pussy so was shy for fuck but we destroyed her limiting beliefs and inserted our penis and started roughly fuck her.

Girl 3

San Jose hot 18 years old Girl (Duration 1 hour 52 min)

Approach, Talking, Pull, Seducing, Sex

San Jose perfect ass hot teen just turned 18 years old. We did not reveal our real name, last name, age, birth date, address, our job information – nothing. But we fucked her all night long. Her voice was so sexy and feminine, she was saying after our techniques: “whaaat?” ” omg I can’t!”, “oh what are you doing!”, “omg what is happening!”, “Oh shit, I am not ready for this”

She was wearing perfect sexy white lingerie, around the pussy area we could see and smell that her pussy was already wet and dirty.

Girl 4

Fremont California USA hot 18 years old Girl (Duration 2 hours 46min)

Fremont California 18 years old total 10 point brunette was something insane. When she removed her bra and tits showed up we were really happy. Ass is incredible. Big, juicy, tanned, amazing to fuck. Tits are perfect size. Face and eyes beautiful. We spent our most amazing time fucking this hot brunette.

When she came to meet us 5 minutes away from our apartment we tricked her instantly go to sex location. We did not reveal any our personal information in order to protect our privacy and avoid being wrongfully accused of rape.

We were fucking her all night long and by grabbing, massaging her amazing tits. We were making out to her juicy lips and having passionate sex. Awesome life, perfect new system.

Girl 5 Las Vegas Nevada USA 23 years old girl (Duration 1 hour 33 min)

Las Vegas Nevada USA 23 years old girl had so sexy, polite and turning on voice. We went to meet her 5 minutes away from our apartment. She said that no problem for her to go to another place, but once we came to our apartment she asked our first name and last name! Of course we gave her not our real name and last name. She said that lot of things happening these days, so in order to protect her she needs our first name and last name. By giving her fake first name and last name we continued to seduce her. She had no idea where she came! In 1 hour we were fucking her and she was screaming all over the room!


(Duration 4 minutes)

We will explain you how we use this system to trick girls into sex. You will learn the system by watching this video, will see how we use this system with 5 different girls above and you will be equipped with this system and will start to get free, easy, protected your private information by avoiding any problems in the future, sex.



MY name is AMT Coach. Nick name is dancer. MY CLIENTS ARE BEST Seducers IN THE WORLD. THEY ARE TOTAL EXPERTS WITH WOMEN. Over 12 years I approached more than 100000 women. Men around the world hire me travel to their countries and train them Same Day Lays and Same Night Lays. Those men save lot of time dating girls, spending money on them and so on. They get free and easy sex. Moreover they develop relationships with those girls. LOT OF CLIENTS SAY THAT AMT IS BEST SYSTEM, BECAUSE IT AFTER AMT YOU DRESS REALLY WELL, DANCE, MANIPULATE, DO NOT AFRAID TALK TO MEN, YOU KNOW HOW TO KICK THEM OUT, HOW TO MANIPULATE WOMEN, HOW EASILY AND FAST TURN THEM ON IN APARTMENTS, HOW TO BE VERY DOMINANT IN BED, HOW TO FUCK THEM SO WELL THAT THEY NEVER EXPERIENCED IN THEIR LIFE AND THEIR BOYFRIENDS AND HUSBANDS CANNOT COMPETE WITH SUCH FUCKING.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Faces will be blurred?

No. You will see clearly AMT Coach’s face and girls’ faces and everyone’ else for better understanding and all videos will be in 1080 HD quality for better understanding facial expressions.

Why faces are strongly blurred in photos?

Because of privacy and law.

Do you actually show us video proof of you having sex with the girls you pickup, or is it just getting numbers and dates?

I show how I get laid. From approach to sex. The goal of this DVD is to train you how to do it. After you will watch this DVD, we will talk on Skype, and we will see, did you understand. I will ask questions to make sure, that you have a plan from approach to sex.
Basically you risk is zero. I will not let you be unsatisfied with my product. We will talk on Skype till you will be satisfied. I work in pickup field 24/7, 365.

I just want to make sure the program is in English?

All program is in English. You will see how these girls are getting fucked. It is enough to understand techniques.

What length of this program is?

10 hours 40 min

Will you ship this DVD to my country?

No. After Payment, we will unlock those videos on your email. You will watch them online. You can watch them with slow internet.

How I will get those videos?

After payment you will login to with your username and password. You will click my products, scroll down to this product and will click red button to watch videos.

Can I get those videos for free in torrents?

Those videos are forbidden to be in torrents. Our clients accept this responsibility:

If you will send videos to your computer, you agree to pay 1000000$ for If you show those videos to your friend or other person you agree to pay 1000000$ for Once you will break copyright of AMT we will BAN you from our client list and write you a claim. Your friends will not value free thing. They must pay in order to change. Give them link of our website and protect this product from other people.

Our clients are not stupid and they will not create problems for themselves.

Some clients say that this program is very detailed and clarifies a lot of things. Also they thanks us for taking risk by creating such product

“Tricking 5 Girls into Having Sex without Revealing Personal Information”

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