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4 Steps How To Attract Women Without Talking

A question is how to attract women without talking. What Alpha Male Body Language use to attract women without saying any word. We are not responsible of side effect after this Alpha Male material you will learn. So let`s begin.

Step 1: Learn how to be confident around girls

how to get more confident how to be confident around girls

Approach lot of women in different areas

I learned how to be confident around girls by simply going out and meeting new women. Everyday I was going out and meeting new girls. I was approaching girls in shopping malls, streets, parks, public transport, university.

If you are from small town and there are no girls, collect your stuff and move to bigger city where are lot of girls.

If you cannot get laid with three different girls per week, it means your city is too small and you should move for bigger one

I am from small city with 15000 citizens population. I moved to city witch offers half an million citizens. During work week, people say that here come about 1 million people. So almost 7 years I was pulling hot girls in this city as this city suggested me lot of women.

A situation changed when people started massively move away from this country. So I changed country. If you want to learn how to attract women without talking you need to stay in city witch has got girls. Be prepared to change a country if it is no longer gives you proper training ground.

Go out to night clubs and meet new women in clubs

club dance training for guys rsd tyler pua nightgame coaching

Next thing what I did – I started go out to nightclubs. Every weekend starting form Thursday and ending up with Saturday I was dancing with lot of different girls. I developed Alpha Male dancing seduction skills on the dance-floor. I started to coach guys Night Game.

I was feeling like a god. I needed to calm down my Ego

Step 2: Take Night Club Dance Lessons from REAL Alpha Male

places to find women

Do not make that mistake by choosing random trainer who will install into you unattractive beta male body language. Your trainer should be really confident around women. I remember, then I choose to go for woman`s dance lessons and I made a mistake. I started to notice that she cannot train me how proper to lead a woman on the dance-floor. I was just thinking how I am having sex with her in this ballroom.

A woman will never show you how perfectly you should lead a lady on the dance-floor. She is follower, not a leader.

Step 3: Have great buddies for meeting and attracting new women


I am standing second from the left. My photographer first guy from the left. We together were going to nightclubs and these other two guys on the right joined us. A girl in the center works in this night club and also help us TO BE NORMAL AND NATURALS.

Even have a female wing. She will help you to pickup girls. If you have a girl, you are higher value guy in a club. Most of time I have “girlfriend” when I approach girls. I just self-amuse that she is doing not clever thing by talking with a guy who is in a club with his “girlfriend”.

Also it gives you a point that you are not strange dude, who goes alone and hits on every random girl and tries to get sex. Women smell neediness far away.

Step 4: Approach women, smile and just imitate dancing

I am approaching randomly girls I like in shopping malls. I ask them: “Do you like dancing?” ; or “Can you do this?”, or “Do you know how we are dancing in Europe, USA (depends by country you are hitting on)”. In every situation need to calibrate. Lot of time you need a little bit small talk before asking her to stand up.

-“Stand up for 2 seconds. Quickly. Stand up now” – use it with confident and be grounded (know what are you doing 120%). So a girl stands up and you dip down her. You imitate dancing and for you do not need to talk. Moreover you attract her without talking.

Later you isolate her for more intimate place and start teaching her how to dance. You take authority. She becomes more attracted to you. If you see she is ready to be pulled back to your place to call for cab driver and you pull her back to your place where happens as we all know what happens when an Alpha Male take a girl home

The key to attract women without talking is to learn how to be confident around girls and Alpha Male dancing techniques.


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  1. Jack Sparrow says:

    amazing pickup …….. other chumps were circling around this hot women and the Alpha man comes with confidence and sweeps her off her feet 🙂 wow

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