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7 Steps How To Pick Up Girls In Class With Photos and Video

How To Pick Up Girls In Class With Photos and VideoGirls care about others opinion in class, college or university. They want to be good girls in public and bitches in bed. We call it Social Conditioning. Social conditioning is the sociological process of training individuals in a society to respond in a manner generally approved by the society in general and peer groups within society.

Step 1: Approach a girl no matter what others are thinking about you

How to pick up girls in class - approach a girl

Girls afraid to lose their “good girl” status in class. So if you care about social conditioning, probably you wait to approach. You will need lot of time to wait, because to wait for a perfect moment to approach at college simply impossible. If you are person who wants to speedup results of picking girls up in class you should just approach and say:

Step 2: Say indirect opener Do You Like Dancing

How to pick up girls in class - ask her does she dancing

-“Do you like dancing?” – a girl falls in socially acceptable frame. Society likes dancing, but hates pick up. So you can talk about dancing and that girl will feel good being around you and others in class.

Step 3: Make physical contact with a girl as soon as possible

How to pick up girls at college - pua kino techniques
Going into physical contact with a girl sets you the right frame – man to woman. You will never become a friend to her and even more you attract her in class. All human being love to be touched, especially by the attractive opposite sex. Feel like attractive man, feel like Alpha Male, and she will feel it as-well.

When I am touching her, I am talking. It makes her feel comfortable in situation. Lot of guys are silent then they touch women. It creates awkward atmosphere. So make sure you are saying some bullshit.

Step 4: Pass her shit tests like Alpha Male

How to pick up girls at college - pass her shit tests

She is asking me:
-“Are you doing this with every girl?“. Remember she wants to see your emotional reaction. If you become emotional after her shit test – you become unattractive beta male.
Remain Alpha by not showing any emotional reaction to her test. I confidently with relaxed Alpha Male body language answer:


If a girl shit test you, it is a good sign that she likes you. Women do not test unattractive beta males. They test just confident bad-ass Alphas.

Step 5: Tease about her insecurities to dance in public

How to pick up girls at college - tease about her insecurities to dance in public

Tease about her shyness to dance in public. All girls afraid to dance in front of people except good professional dancers. For others need alcohol and other people dancing around. To tease her about her weakness is a good way to flirt with her and also attract. Say it in flirtatious way, because otherwise you will insult her.

Step 6: Determine her logistics and tell more about yourself

How to pick up girls in class - tell about yourself
I asked her:
– “Are you renting a flat?” – say assumptions. Assumptions are much more better than questions. Girls are more open to respond for assumptions than questions. Why? Because if you ask questions, they think you have bad intentions. If you say assumptions- you are fucking chill-out student who is free from outcome.

Next I tell something about my-self. A girl needs to know something about you before making love with you. I say that I am renting ballrooms in Zirmunai and Fabijoniskes. It does not matter what you say. It is all about sub-communication. If sub-communication is OK you can say whatever you want. She feels that I am relaxed, confident and interesting. Also she liked when I touched her. So, sub-communication is OK, I say any shit.

Step 7: Grab her number by saying that Facebook is time wasting

How to pick up girls in class - grab her number
Some of girls will ask you your Facebook. It means that they need more TCC (Trust-Comfort-Connection). I speedup this process by showing Alpha Male frame and saying that I am not using Facebook because it is wasting of time. girls usually respond well ,because they see a man who has goals, his life, some mystery, and do not waste time.

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