When I flew to Arizona (USA), I remembered one alphamantraining student’s story and question how to recover after being cheated on. He told me the story and in went like this:

“My girlfriend was a Chinese girl. We lived together for 2 years. I think I spent on our relationship 60,000 $. But I ended up being cheated on. She went to shopping mall, met this guy, she got pregnant from him in 9 months! I said to her: you either choose him or me, but you cannot have both. Chinese girl went to live with that guy from shopping mall. But then she faced up a financial struggle, because that guy did not help her with a baby. Chinese girl’s parents called to me and asked why I am not helping her? I answered: It’s not my baby, why should I help her out? She at her own will has chosen to be with that guy and event more – she did that being with me in the relationship, which means she cheated on me. On top of that why nobody asks how do I feel after all this emotional damage she done to me? Parents were speechless and end up the call phone…”

When I heard this story I could clearly feel the pain my student was going through and I wanted to help him out. He was good at studying and learning new things. He also was humble and diligent student on anything he chose to learn.

We drove to our alphamantraining place and started to learn how to approach girls anytime, anywhere. We have started at the shopping mall because student has already rented an apartment for alpha man trainings at the centre of shopping malls, universities. As the current time was June, it was so hot and hard to stay outside. So we started to meet girls in gym, shopping mall and in the city centre but at the night-time, when it is not so hot and girls go out to bars, clubs, salsa places to dance.

recover after being cheated

The shift for student on this training program happened at the 3rd day of alphamantraining. Student approached very hot blonde who was walking out from the food store. She walked out and I pushed him to approach her. So he run after her and approached her. It surprised me that they end up at another food store talking to each other and then sitting by the table. They looked really happy. He even asked her for a dance to give each other even more happiness.

This whole approach took about 40 minutes! Student and I could not believe what a huge shift just happened. Even more, student looked really recovered after being hurt by his ex-girlfriend – Chinese girl. He looked like a new man, totally different from the depressed himself, that he was just few days ago. Student bought each other a glass of freshly squeezed juice and we started to walk towards the car. He said:
Student (AMT): Thank you for pushing me out to approach her! I fell really happy! She works as a stewardess and we arranged our first date in two days. Sincerely thank you for what you did for me and helped me out!

I was so happy by his success. At 9 pm we drove to city center and had a lunch together. I told him:
Dancer (AMT): Be careful, don’t do much for her. Release all your needs. Tomorrow we going to practice more of your day game skills.
Student: (looking at me and nodding as agreeing).

The whole success story and transformation of the Asian guy you can find here: go to Products“Shy Asian guy To Total Alpha Male”. At that DVD you will see all our training process and can also learn all that I trained him at alphamantraining lectures.



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