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Alpha Male

alpha maleYou can be Alpha Male in lot of areas: in business, in team management, in relationship, in pickup, in training and so on. The area witch will give you highest level of confidence – is being alpha male around beautiful girls. This will give you a new emotion – YOU WILL NOT AFRAID ANYTHING IN LIFE. You will set goal and will eat them like LION.

No one can stop confident Alpha Male. People afraid stand against his path. People feel that destructive energy coming out from Alpha Male and they go away from him. Women try to find this energy in men. Not women, but their genes are programmed to take seed from Men who have that level of confidence. This energy gives for woman a hope that you will protect, provide, love and fuck her really well. This energy lets woman to feel sexy, feminine around you.

To become Alpha Male in relationship and make Same Day Lays with most beautiful women you will need:

1. Set goal to become Alpha Male no matter what and never quit. Quitters never win. Quitters establish new habit of quitting, while Alpha Males go through all walls and blow everything in front of them. They do it in repeat and establish a new habit – never quit and finish any shit they set in their life.

2. Learn professionally how to dance with most beautiful ladies. All losers can spin a girl, touch her ass. Alpha Males can do lot of more stuff on the dance floor. They can do such lot of stuff, that professional trainers who were training since childhood cannot do these techniques. You need minimum be Number 1 on the dance-floor. You need invest lot of money and energy into it, because women are driven by emotions, which you will create on the dance-floor.

3. Learn to manage any social situation to your advantage. The girl does not want go to your apartment. You need to know how to change her emotion. A girl changed opinion about you. You need to know how to control her, her females, male friends, family, relatives opinion about you. You Alpha Male and you set Male/Female roles in the relationship.

4. Eat right food and exercise minimum 3 times in a week. That will provide fuel to your body. Go and learn martial arts. That will give you powerful body language and will help you to kick assholes when they will try to steal your girl. You should reach that point, when you go on streets and you do not afraid anything. Vice versa you want to beat some asses. That level when in front of you stops a car, 4 guys jump out from car and come to beat you. You go with a girl and kick a leader of this group with. Other guys scare.

5. Change your outfit, grooming. Learn how to cut your own hair by yourself. Every week you need to renew your haircut. Wear Alpha Male outfit. Stand in front of the mirror, take a trimmer, and cut your hair by yourself.

6. Be an outstanding lover in bed. Fuck models till that level, that they will say these words: “After sex with you, I am feeling pain in my pussy for two weeks”. Know everything about giving screaming orgasms in bed. Do all techniques, behave with her as she is yours bitch.

Today is enough. Manage those 6. Contact with us and lets talk about your GOAL TO BECOME ALPHA MALE IN RELATIONSHIP WITH BEAUTIFUL GIRLS.



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