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Alpha Man Training Shocking Infield Footage Part 3

Sexy girl: “Not prepared for videos and pictures”, AMT: “I see you very natural hahaha”, sexy girl: “My natural habits of getting groceries”, AMT: “Not prepared hahah” sexy girl: “Not prepared for videos and pictures, not at all”, AMT: “Buying eggs haha”

AMT: “Hi girls. Actually I thought I liked one of you, but… Can you stand up. Do you know salsa?”, Girl: “No, I do not!” AMT: “one two three”

AMT: “you like in the cemetery. Maybe you are tired?”, Girl: “Yeah, I am tired”. AMT: “tired. Make sense” , another girl: “here I am” (giving her phone number to AMT, AMT: “Alexa, your parent really great”.

After AMT Systems girls will fall in love with you. They will bring presents to you. They will so love to spend time with you! YOU WILL BECOME NUMBER 1 PRIORITY IN THEIR LIFE

AMT: “Cup cake?”, sexy girl: “yeah. It is a hot chocolate cup cake”.

All people will want yours’s attention as you will be amazing Alpha Man. Asian Client: “Can I borrow him really quick”, sexy girl: “yeah of course”, AMT; “yeah of course”. Society does not know AMT systems. Just serious men who are able to pay huge price, will be able to uncover AMT Secrets. AMT is isolating a girl to bedroom.

AMT: “Aiste, look can you stand up”, Aiste: “Why?” AMT: “few seconds”

AMT: “Hey, do you speak English? What happened? Let’s walk. Actually my ex girlfriend love to do that”. AMT is dancing with hot blonde on the street and making her fall in love with him.

Sexy girl: “ha you like that? seeing me in yoga?”, AMT: “yeah…hahahahah”. AMT is speaking in another language and sexy girl is saying: “Listen, I wanna you to say these things in English”

Women will drop their female friends, will fall in love with you. They will give all their heart to you. AMT systems are dangerous. Here is a side effect: women will feel big pain after you, most of them will go to big depression after you. It happened to lot of our clients from Europe, USA, Asia, Russia, South America. AMT: “will do that, she is so horny, put my cock to her..hahahah”, AMT: “Okey practice sexy girl to undress my pants”, AMT: “Your movements are really interesting”

One of our Asian client needed to move for another city because a girl could not live without him after he left her… We are not responsible of AMT side effect.

She feels those toxic emotions which AMT coach putted into her. She afraids that he will leave her… She afraids that feeling of pain…

Watch Alpha Man Training Shocking Infield Footage Part 3

To your ability to meet anywhere women and get physical with them!


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