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Alpha Man Training Shocking Infield Part 2

Women will feel pain after you will leave them.

If he achieved that you can achieve as-well. But is the question – will you go thru lot of pain? or you will quit? Do you know how many students quit in Alphamantraining ? 85 percent of students quit alphamantraining and just 15 percent accomplish alphamantraining and those are killers, those are closers, those kind of men can do everything in a life, they are fearless, will be you that from 15 percent, or you will quit? That is up to you.

It is the beginning of alphamantraining. He is very short, maybe 5’5, now we will change his clothes, the way he approach women, the way he thinks, he is very short, but if he will achieve results so you can as-well achieve. So here he pulled a girl in a coffee with that old fashion style. A girl is showing you going here, there, over here, girls are not attracted to him. And he is getting rejection after rejection. A girl leaves him. He is feeling really bad. But just we males can understand how he feels. So it is time to change.

We approached universities. We went to meet girls in universities. He approached a girl but his body language is not correct. So our job in Alphamantraining is correct your body language, the way you dress, the way you stand, the way you use body language, everything, WE WILL REMOVE ALL BETA MALE’S STUFF FROM YOU, we will install all ALPHA MALE’S STUFF in you, you will become TOTAL ALPHA MALE.

Even you know he went to a church, he followed a girl, he wanted to seduce her, but his game is weak, he cannot understand what is happening, and just serious company, just serious coach can help him, and we will help him. Even he just prayed. And he is walking with a girl. A girl is not attracted and interested into him. You could tell by her body language. She is not seduced by him.

He even approached some girls in the mall. He is leaning in – bad body language. A girl is not attracted. A girl is even texting to another male. And we need to fix everything. He even approached two girls. He asked phone number with bad body language: “could you give me your number?

And after 3 months of alphamaletraining really hard work, really serious work, look who he became. Here I am, and look he seduced a girl. He is doing ring story. Read our book: “How to become an Alpha Man“. You will learn those techniques. He is doing ring story, palm reading, he is using alpha male’s body language and a girl gives him her phone number – first time in his life he is getting number and we celebrate.

Now at the university. We changed his dress style, his body language, he walks like confident alpha male, he approach females, females are happy. The same will be with you.

Females will become happy once you will approach like alpha male with your alpha male mindset, females will become happy. He just isolated her totally. And now he is getting results. Even you know he is developing deep conversation with a girl, he is showing photos from his life. And he is very relaxed. He is using gesticulation. He is great. We are really proud and happy bout his success with women.

You will become such confident such powerful alpha male. Your mindset will be the most strong. Your friends will not recognize you. Females will not recognize you. You will be able to get any female you want. No one will stop you in your life. Your confidence will be the highest. You will get most beautiful youngest girls. You will go thru everything. You will become fearless. Girls will love spend time with you. You will know how to dance, you will dress really well, you will have alpha male body language, you will get casual non-exclusive relationships with women during the day.

He approached two girls around the table. One girl is attracted to him. Now he is choosing which girl to choose. This is unbelievable, this is because of the mindset, body language and practice.

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