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Alpha Man Training Shocking Infield Part 5

Celebrating Success of AMT with our client. 56 years old client – we fucked together Asian girl in alpha man training. AMT: “Let’s drop a car and let’s go to approach”. AMT Systems works for any age guys. Lot of our clients are 50-60 years old.

Each day you need to practice your smile. Because smile is love vibrations. If you want to become really good with women you need to shift from business vibration to love vibration and give her love.

Who you will become? You will become Total Alpha Male. You will go to city center, you will approach most beautiful women at city center, will attract them, will get numbers, will close them on the same day,

If our shy Asian 37 years old client pulled a girl home on the first date, you can do it as-well. If our shy virgin Asian guy took girl home on the first date and fucked her, you can do it as-well.

Girls will take their pillows and comforters and will go to live with you. They will want a life with you. She wants to fuck our Asian client but he is deciding to give his cock or not. Our any age clients drive women crazy.

Our most clients are 27-65 years old. Others just can afford some our products. If this 5’5 short 32 years old our client took her home and got physical on the first date you can do as-well.

Another 5’4 short client taking hot girl home on the same day. Learn AMT techniques because it works all around the world.

Watch Alpha Man Training Shocking Infield Part 5:


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