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Alpha Man Training Shocking Infield Part 9

Talking to a client about his problem and solving it out. AMT client: “I want to talk to any girl I want”. Most of time I have excuses. Any girl I want!”

Private Individual training in Australia. AMT coach slept with this girl while his student could observe his behavior by sleeping in another room.

One of the bootcamp in USA. Find your city and book a group bootcamp.

AMT client will make a sexual turn and will go with her back to her apartment! Same sexual turn he will do with multi-millionaire female.

AMT: “You know how much money this one flat in this building cost? around 100k US dollars. I do not know how many millions this building is keeping, may flats… And you charging USD 1000 for training? It is not fair! How many girls this flat can bring? Zero. How many girls Alphamantraining can bring? Any girl you want! That is the difference.

AMT coach is making a sexual turn. AMT Coach made sexual turn and have seduced her!!

Watch Alpha Man Training Shocking Infield Part 9 !!!!!!

To your huge success to manipulate girls, women to have sex with you on the same day and later on be happy with you in relationship!!! Your partner – AMT


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