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Alpha Man Training

How to get a girlfriend with Alpha Male AttitudeStage 0

We change your style and we teach you how to dance with a girl and seduce her. We provide the right Alpha Man mindset which attract females to your life. We also teach PUA stuff to attract women and create emotions to her body. After Stage 0 we expect from you Alpha Man dress style and improved body language how properly lead women and dance with them.

Stage 1

We are approaching girls on the streets, in the shopping malls, universities, public transport, around your house and get their telephone numbers

Stage 2

We are asking girls for a date. We date them and pull back to sex location where happens sex. It is natural and normal.

Stage 3

We are coaching you how to deal with group of people where are males and females. We will train you how to be an Alpha Male in the group.

Stage 4

How to keep a girl in long term relationship. We will coach you how to have happy relationship with your woman.

Stage 5

Manipulation techniques for advanced guys. Same Day Lays. We will coach you how to manipulate women in order to make them happy.


Alpha Man

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