AMT is holding bootcamp in Poland and talking to German Roots Follower - post7474

AMT is holding bootcamp in Poland and talking to German Roots Follower

AMT is holding bootcamp in Poland and talking to German Roots Follower

Our TOP white German roots – Amazing engineers in the design of cars and home appliances follower paid invoice for infield and talked to us more.


Just now

Awesome tomorrow will get

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Neighbor will love to be seduced walking her dog on street

You will pet doggie and slowly seduce her and dance with her???? lol

Yes it is amazing to have unlimited visa and run such doggy petting dancing seduction over the day!!

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She needs it!! You will very likely fuck more than once

Maybe at her house too so I could hear her moans through the wall next door

Yes or infield will be. 100 percent.

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She’s got a deep sultry voice. Her moans would be incredible!

It is amazing to fuck such blondes, but they hard for long term. For short term is insane fuck!!!

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blonde gym girl number 2 amazing tits


Unbelievable what happened!!! We did training in one Poland’s big city. Coached virgin 34 years old guy. Came back to apartment. Took thermos of coffee and went for quick walk. It is so cold!!! And we see this amazing ass blonde. We approached and seduced her. She came to our cheap room. Just for fuck. We trained her our dancing system and in the end fucked her huge amazing top 10 point ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 TO YOURS SUCCESS!!!!!

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That’s a perfect ass

Rented very cheap room, specially so she would not have any idea about money. We seduce without any money!!! Keeping Alpha Male protocol

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Nice video earlier

No luxury nothing. Just cheap room and loud sex into her huge amazing ass

We cannot seduce girls who do not have nice ass

Our dick just does no go up, we do not feel attraction

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Did you like ass of both girls I sent yesterday?

First yes, second cannot see. But both are cute and definitely worth to approach.

-14 Celsius, very cold

But it is very good. We pull quickly as it is so cold

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Second has a nice ass too. I’ll try and get one of her in tighter clothes

Where you can see nice firm butt

How was your day? Lot of stuff on Monday yeah?

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Monday yes. Recovery from last week. All things review. Amazing dinner Allison cooked

Allison is great. Amazing that she cooked. We missed girls who cook but we learned it by ourselves!

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Going to make love to her right now talk soon

Thanks for the pic of large ass hottie

Your welcome. Such asses does not come every day. Amazing ass so we wanted to show

20 years old Polish/Russian nationality slut

Loves Alpha Males and the way they behave

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Haha nice

Tried to get a good pic of female coworker, but couldn’t get one of her perfect ass

She looked incredible today

To fuck Pentagon female official in toilet is perfect idea!!! You are best in photographing female coworkers so so doubt you will shoot her ass

so no doubt

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Yes I will. She’s only here a few days a week but i will try

You fuck another slut today??

No one will stop or stand against your path. You will shoot her perfect ass and will say that you are sending to total alpha male to Europe!!!!

With client at a bar in Poland now

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Oh nice. Any hotties to approach?

A lot, for him online seduction did not work, so we explained him that females cannot control their pussies when an Alpha Male behaves around them, they just turn to full of wetiness. So he got idea, and approached.

How was your day ?

Sent by

Good. Good workout this morning

Good nights sleep

Are you having fun teaching him?

yeah a lot, especially when we finish, and when we go with thermos of coffee and meet big ass blonde

Did you like Blondes gym number 2 girl’s tits and her emotions ? she was in 9 heave bitch

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Anyone you see in the bar who you will fuck later???

At this moment no, we already done with that bar.

Together we will approach because for him at this moment is too hard to do everything by himself

He cannot onenct other males in bar as wingmans


Sent by

Do you often see same women out and about after you seduced her before?

Sluts in groups 2 , up to 7 -8

Sent by

Do you see same woman you seduced but at later date?


No, we travel a lot, lot of projects, for a man is no life if he feels he cannot seduce a woman and fuck her so hard that she could hardly walk next day

We be in relationship with girls who do not piss us off and have kinda proper mindset

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Did you ever see the same sluts in same DC gym at later date?

All off them needs to be trained

their mindset

Do not remember, we do not care, even Pentagon’s Loyds Austin says, AMT is amazing, it lifts up also my libido, I just go and fuck my wife so hard that she cannot walk next day normally, without feeling pain in her pussy

Sent by


How are American women vs European women? Much differences?

We are know going to eat at bar, so not gonna reply quickly. Yeah some differences, but in US it depends by state and actual street. I DC was one street where lot of gym girls were running in tight shorts with amazing asses!!!!


Sent by



German sluts are good, like your roots, TOP IN HIERARCHY OF WHITE PEOPLE – GERMAN, JAPAN, USA PEOPLE – but like yours roots are from Germany. So probably we will go to Germany will seduce hot gym slut and will live with her for couple months

Not like dirty indian boy Rishy Sunak

One our Australian follower – Alpha Male from gym went with parents to India. Fucked indian girls, but he missed white girls. So was not enough happy. We said him, if you want to be total alpha male, you need fly, FLY BABY, fly where are white hot girls and fuck them.

Moved with parent to live to India

Do you like helicopter ears of Rishy Sunak? !! haahah they are so big!!!

Trump is outstanding in communication, he saved us amazing relaxing traveling time from 2016-2019 at least,

Sent by

Yes he is

Even moved to Russian, sat close tu Putin, used perfect influence comunication ,saved us couple years of not holding a war

Sent by


He has so great business skills that could solve war in 3 hours

They just need to fuck and exchange more sluts with Putin and everything is under control and nice, and perfect

Sent by

How’s the infield search for yoga bitch and Awesome USA milf?

I’m sure you could write amazing reports on them!!!!

Especially since you made them both addicted to AMT!!

Hello, thank you for remindering searching the infield. During past days have been lot of work with training. We know that we should write article about both of yoga slut with strong pussy smell and awesome usa milf

How was your past days?

Was training good?

Last few days were full of great food and cold weather incoming

Yeah lot of listening and understanding client and him also listening us and understanding and creating plan how we will move forward

How many women did you seduce this week??

Approximately lol

We now at the gym working out. This week 4 girls new



Are you going to seduce girl at gym today?????

Yes amazing total 10 point ass is. Great face mimicks,

Sent by

Do you have picture? lol

Did you already get her number?


I bet you seduced her and fucked her same day didn’t you?????!!!

So we will reply to our great follower who can pay as many invoices as he can, is interested in the project, is thinking of hiring AMT fly to US for unlimited time.

You, definitely see this infield , just contact with us by including the link to infield in which you are interested


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