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Approaching Women During The Day


I was going to work with my laptop to Mall and saw this amazing hot blonde walking towards her car. I approached her and talked for almost 10 minutes. I said her that I am dating coach and I just came back from US. She told me that she is manager at one night club and there are lot of women who do not want to work hard. She also helps her father with some kind of business. She even did not want to smoke cigarette being close to me, as she saw Alpha Male approached her. She tried to be her best. It was my first approach during the day. As I am now concentrating on approaching quality women I like. After this approach my mood and confidence increased dramatically.


I approach this woman when I was going to get some food. She was standing. Her ass looked really amazing in those tight jeans. I decided go up and talk to her. She was the first person I talked during the day. I opened her and hooked in 7 minutes. She told that she is working as a Promo girl and she would love to learn from me how to dance. If I will have some time next week I will train her.

Why most confident men know how to approach women during the day

  1. Because it build up energy and motivation for all your day
  2. You will never become attached to one girl as you will have lot of options
  3. You will develop outstanding powerful social skills
  4. You will date lot of women
  5. You will increase your social intelligence
  6. Some girls you will take to your business and they will help you out


I was eating and I saw that she is working as a Promo girl for vegetarian and vegan food. I approach her and told my story from Phoenix Arizona as my client was vegetarian. In 10 minutes she was interested in participating in my dance lessons for men. We exchanged contacts. As she was working we could not show lot emotions. She is from good family. Her parents are not divorced and she will be good for business.

I loved about her that she talks quite fluently in English. I knew girls who are from well educated families are good for business. They come on time and you can trust them.


2 Responses to Approaching Women During The Day

  1. James says:

    Trying to find out more about you 3 day bootcamp in Miami. What is the date for the Miami bootcamp?

    • Alpha Man says:

      Order, do not be cheap and do not afraid.
      When we will contact with you and will schedule training.
      Be fast, with each day you becoming older and older and you losing time to meet young 18-23 y.o. white american girls.

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