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Ben Alpha Man Training

To my Alpha Man Training came Ben. Before Alpha Man Training he paid for girl $10000, then he ruined out of money, a girl left him and went for another guy.

Ben decided to change his life forever. He found Alpha Man Training on google, bought our products and later came to our training. First Alpha Man Training we did in Eastern Europe.

Results were incredible. Ben got 40 numbers. He had overcome approach anxiety. He learned how to dance with a girl and seduce her on the dance-floor.

He came back to England and got a new British nationality girlfriend for long-term relationships. When I flew to London I saw him coming to me and holding hand with a new girlfriend. It was amazing! I was proud about him lot of! I did dance lesson for him.

He lost that British nationality girlfriend because he stopped go out and talk to people and also lacked knowledge how to keep a girl in long-term relationship.

1 year later we met again, because our students understand that Alpha Man Training is life time project, not 2 weeks. Because we get new knowledge, we create new products. We each day go and approach women and men.

In two days we crushed his approach anxiety and we discovered his amazing strength. Benas Verkis is Monster on approaching girls with boyfriends. He did wrestling for half an year. He took private lessons from Lithuanian coach.

This time Alpha Man Training was also successful. In 12 days he seduced his dream girl and created long-term relationship. Moreover he got 33 numbers. He did more quality approaches. We worked more on qualities not quantities.

Even more Ben did from approach to sex in Hyde park, London. This is incredible! He pulled a girl in 20 minutes and fucked her. You can invest into Ben Alpha Man Training DVD and get all knowledge + (infield) How To Get Girlfriend in 12 days


Alpha Man Training

Alpha Males

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