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Beta male transformation to Alpha Male Vytas

mens style women want you to wearVytas`s Successful Style and night game coaching

Vytas has arrived for my consultation. He said that he want to improve his style. It means that he is interested about style which is attractive for woman. He wants to reveal all secrets about successful man style and how it is important in Alpha man lifestyle.

We considered and made a decision that first we will change his style into attractive and confidence man style which will be also suitable for Vytas` personality.

And after this we will go for Alpha Man Training Stage 1.

The most important thing is that I can see How Vytas look. It is suitable for him or not. It is very important. Because all sales people will say that these clothes are perfect you, but the real their intention is to sell for you no matter how it looks like. So my mission is to create good style for you that you will be successful in your life.

Alpha Man knows one important rule in life:  people make first impression about you by how you look. If your appearance looks like unsuccessful man – they will think that you are unsuccessful in your own life. It will be very difficult for you to sell yourself. As we know if you want so sell your product or service, first you must sell yourself. People buy from people they like.

I know all places where you can buy clothes of good quality at average price. It is  trousers, shirt, jacket, shoes, belt for your successful style. I will share all secrets with you about what style women like. If you can see from women eyes that they like, you will improve your success dramatically.

Congratulations Vytas. We have changed your style. At the morning Vytas have  arrived to my flat, took me and we drove to the shops where we bought excellent clothes for you.

So hello everyone, my name is Vytas. What is on your mind? In the past I had clothes which were too big, not suitable  for me. I did  not pay attention like you Alphamantraining, how clothes can be important in my life. I have bought everything I want, no matter how it looks like on me. So that was my mistake. That was one of the reason why I did not get perfect results at dating.

If you wear bad clothes you feel bad about yourself. Unfit Clothes make you feel unattractive and even unsafe.  At the past Then I was walking with by bad clothes I did not make any normal eye contact with woman on the street. Then I was seeing beautiful woman, I feel very uncomfortable. I felt like my value is lower than her.


Vytas has started Alpha Man Training program. He approached two girls, had easy, soft, lite conversation and leave them alone.

I was astonished by results of Vytas. He perfectly introduced himself to girls. He wisely choice perfect words to make good influence to women.

Vytas I have one question for you? Why you do not go online dating? Airinas, I do not go because my results at online dating are very bad. Because all guys send them hundreds of message, put them on the pedestal. And these girls feel like queens. They control all situations. You like an idiot wait if she will respond you or not. It is wasting time in Alpha Man Lifestyle. Successful man do not have time to respond in all messages for girl. He do not have time to wait for responses. Instead of that he go out with his perfect body language, strong voice, sexual eye contact and seduce woman he want.

Also it is up to you what you want.  For some men – online dating like a catalog. It is very comfortable. On the another hand some men hate online dating.

If you want to be successful at online dating, that you must have good photos of you – where is your good body language. Why? If you look like you afraid this world in your foto – that means  you are insecure in your life. Women want men who are very secure in their life. Another important thing on online dating is to create good description of your form. Description witch lead girl to write you a message. Then you get messages from girls who like your photo – your body language.

Vytas: “yes Alphamantraining, but if your photos like an Alpha Man, but you Beta Male in your life, that will confuse ladies”. Instead of that your photos must be real. If you are Beta – unsuccessful man in your life but your photo look like Alpha, that is not correct. First – you must change in your life, the photos will also change.

Vytas has one hour. The goal is get at least one telephone number from beautiful girl. If Vytas will get two telephone numbers from hot woman he will get mark 10. If he will get just one number – then the mark will be 5.

Exams are very important at Alpha Man Training. Because it shows your results, your level of confidence, your character.

Here he approached beautiful lady and started interesting conversation. Girl seems work here at street, but it is no obstacle for Vytas. We see that this woman likes Vytas. Now Vytas must take a control like Alpha Man and lead this interaction to his goal. Girl is astonished by something. And Vytas gets his first telephone number from sexy woman and he passes the exam. Congratulations Vytas!

Now the mark is 5. And time goes away.

1 Alpha Man Training stage Mark – 5.


Vytas, you passed exam. But your mark is very low. Your mark is 5. Why? Because you did not notice three women on the street who wanted be seduced. Instead of that always be like radar. Go slower and scan every girl in environment. Your exam time quickly finished because you were wasting your time with girls who do not want to talk with you. Always choose the right kind of girls. Do not waste your time for girls who do not feel any interest for you.

The mark is 5, because you approached every girl with sense of confidence. That is brilliant .You started conversation, showed good body language, and made some touches. That is excellent. But your leading in conversation was weak. As you know Alpha Man has strong dominant conversation with strangers. I have taught you how to do it, but it seems that you do not prepared very good for exam. Another time prepare yourself for exam. Practice more individually, do homework witch I give you. Do not waste your time for activities which do not make you growth as a Real Alpha Man.

mens style women want you to wear PUA Style transformation Alpha Man Training Vytas

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