Daygame infield Taking Girl Home - post4222

Daygame infield Taking Girl Home

Och my god! What happened today is beyond pick-up, RSD shit and other things. Their game is amateur’s level comparing with AMT system. I finished my dance lessons, was going back to home and saw this girl. I approached her and started to talk. In 10 minutes I manipulated her and took home!

Back at my place she started test me: “So you take all girls home after you met them in shop?”; “How many girls you already took home?”. I did not react to her and keep my-self calm. I draw on paper how to move her hips and she followed me.

After few seconds I pulled her to bed and started turn her on.

She was in shock. 20 minutes back I was talking to her in shop and now she is experiencing big pleasure in stranger’s bed.  As I was after gym I was horny for sex. 10 minutes later I was inserting my cock into her vagina and fucking her very deeply. She was moaning all over the place.

After this sex my confidence increased dramatically high and I crushed all business goals in life with no doubt.

Men, if you wanna learn real systems how to approach and lay women so stop watching stupid other PUA videos where they teach you how to approach, amuse a girl, be clown, plow, talk shit. This is not the way to fuck girls. This is a way to run out your reputation in your city. You are total stupid if you believe in coach who shows how he interacts, amuses, pulls, giving seminars to lot of men but not fucking girls. Everyone can do montage and merge clips from lot of girls which they pulled. But few guys on planet can prove you what it means to fucks girls and live Alpha Male Lifestyle and protect their knowledge that other men and women will not know.

The way to seduce girls is to be normal and have strong AMT system and focus to lay girls and not just approach. For private training we are welcome just serious men who are bout 30 years old. Contact with us.


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