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Fake PUA Bootcamp (Matt Artisan, RSD, Sasha, ABCs of Attraction, Love Systems..)3

This is happening in today’s world when a instructor went to CNN (like RSD Julien after Media scandal) or other RSD instructor who puts out lot of videos on Facebook and YouTube. For good quality product does not need lot of videos with lot of views. RSD Bootcamp is Total Fake who will teach you the beginning of approach. But you will not fuck girls after their bootcamp. Even more you will destroy your reputation, because other people will see that you are student of clowns RSD bootcamp and they will tell it to your friends, boss, co-workers. You will destroy your relationships with other people. Other people will see that you are looser who does not know how to meet women and try to learn techniques from clowns like Tyler, Julien, Max, Jlaix, Todd Valentine who teaches how to approach a girl and be free from outcome, make from yourself clown and end up night by jerking-off alone back at your place. More over you will spend $3000.

Sasha Daygame

Another Pickup Artist who published himself too much and became clown. Now he is doing Stand up comedy shows because people see him as a clown. Sasha Daygame do Fake Pua Bootcamp where he teaches you how to become clown as he is. You will become a clown who is running through streets and approaching women in creepy way. Sasha Daygame has no infield of Same Day Lays or banging girls on the same day. He is numbers’ collector as Matt Artison from the Attractive Man who tries to get your money and teach you stupid pick up lines who will get you fake numbers. Just imagine how other people perceive Sasha Daygame. They perceive him as a clown. Sasha daygame has no student’s infield where they pull and fuck girls. Sasha daygame just have student’s videos where they sit in their home alone and tell their testimonial.
Sasha Daygame is looking like clown. He is not muscular and does not dress sharp. By being a clown you cannot make girl’s pussy wet. Women will see you serious then they will see that you understand them form half of word, you are serious, you invested lot of money in your appearance, you are closer, and you know how to please yourself, stand for yourself, you have some mystery, and close those girls on the same day. You cannot be funny and sexual at the same time. You should choose. If you want to become clown definetly you should atend Fake Sasha Daygame Bootcamp, if you wanna become closer and close girls on the same day, avoid it.

ABCs of Attraction

Jerry Tran, sometimes credited as JT Tran or The Asian Playboy doing fake PUA Bootcamps who will not teach you how to bang girls. Just look at him. He is overweight and too nice. Such qualities cannot get girls. JT Tran upload reviews where his students get married. But before it you should seduce a girl. In order to feel masculine in the relationship you should become hard to manipulate Alpha Male. Just look at their student. He looks like a child. By posting himself and reacting more in photos than girls it shows that this student is easy to manipulate and he is not a closer. He is average frustrated nice guy who believed in fake ABCs of Attraction marketing that they are number 1 company for Asian people. But there is no infield where their students fuck girls and are total hard to manipulate, mature Alpha Males.



Love systems PUA Bootcamp is total fake. They do not have any infield of their students from approach to sex. They show infield where students go up to girls and talk. It is zero. They charge $3500. For what? For going up to a girl and saying pick up line? Where is students transformations from Beta Males to Total Alpha Males? There is no. Nick Savoy from Love Systems is good fake marketer who makes you believe that in three days you will become super confident male who will pull girls in clubs. But when you ask him to show infield videos of his students where is no infield.

They do not have any serious infield like Same Day Lay or Same Day Bang. They just created “beautiful website”, “forum”, where easy to manipulate chumps come to forum and tell their problem. While serious men hire serious coaches who have Same Day Lays Infield, students transformations from Betas to Total Alpha Males, learn how to manipulate women and lay them on the same day.


Our main goal of those articles is to make you more clever and mature by choosing right training. Ask yourself: who you want to become? Social Ninja or Clown? Do you wanna to save your reputation or run in out? Do you wanna collect fake numbers or fuck girls on the same day? Do you wanna waste 3 hours in club or you wanna to learn how to manipulate them and pull in 15 minutes? Remember, once you will choose trainer your will start to install his habits, word-view, behavior, attitude. AND IT WILL REMAIN FOR ALL YOUR LIFE. And if your coach will Beta stupid clown who work in not clever way, your training will be unsuccessful. About this training should know just you and your coach. And it should be a secret.

If you will be enough clever, you will choose instructor who is not a star, who has serious infield of him and his student, who has serious training system, and who has knowledge which you cannot find on google or YouTube because that coach protects this knowledge from letting to know other stupid males or girls. Remember: techniques will work until other men will not use it and girls will not know. 

Serious’ company’s infields show how students from Betas become Alpha Males. Those reviews will be with infield footage, not just giving testimonial in home. Moreover that coach should has goal to teach you how to lay those girls ON THE SAME DAY but not to collect fake numbers. And your coach should save your reputation. Your boss, family, relatives, friends cannot know about your pickup training. It is your secret.


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  1. Eddie says:

    Sasha is a clown your right. He claims to have picked up hot girls but is married to some ugly girl who looks like a cheap prostitute.

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