From Approach to Cum Shot in Club's toilet with a girl - post6492

From Approach to Cum Shot in Club’s toilet with a girl

What‘s up guys. I decided to share my story of the Saturday night which I find a really huge reference experience. I am connected to AMT because I am ex RS dancer. I contacted RS, sent couple pictures of myself and asked if I could be a dancer for hens’ parties. RS asked me to pay for training and three costumes. After I did that, I learned from DVD how to dance and participated in around 50 orders. Let’s back to the story:

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It all happened in Pabo Latino Eastern Europe, at first it was an usual meeting with friends. Me, Jegor and Kabir were the only people in the club, people start going there usually around 12 o‘clock. I think that meeting friends before the night out is very important, because it helps you to get out of your head and reach a state flow when you create a great vibe that makes people want to be around you.After two hours or so we were already gaming, some sets were okay, some were boring as shit. Kabir suggested to go downstairs and find some girls there. We approached a group of about 6 women, they were dancing together, they all were dressed in black, so I just said ‚‘‘hey, you all are wearing black dresses, do you celebrate funeral or what?‘‘ Girls started laughing. People don‘t usually find that funny, but since I was in a state almost everything I was saying was funny.

Soon out of nowhere one of their friend came up to me (I saw her for the first time), she was smiling at me and started asking a lot of questions about me ,this girl already liked me, so I chose her to be my target. She was a flirty girl, so I started to flirt with her and it was going great, the vibe was good, I could feel the sexual energy rising already. After a few dances she said: ‘’Hey, I need to come back to my friends, I need to spend time with them, since one of my friends is getting married soon, let‘s meet in 10 minutes’’.

At first I wanted to let her go, but then I thought that it would be wiser to be with her and her friends, in this way I could befriend them all, I will build a value. It is very important to befriend her friends otherwise they will just think that you are just another guy in the club who tries to isolate her friend from them so that he could penetrate their friend, so I said ‘’let’s hang out together with them’’

I could tell that she was around her friends just to be polite, actually she wanted to reveal all her wildness, so it was my pleasure to send her back to England with memories (she was actually Lithuanian, but she lives in UK)While we were dancing, she wanted to control me as much as possible (she is one of those girls who could be a dominatrix, she is wild, flirty and drives men crazy)

With those kind of girls you have to be more dominant than her, so immediately I told her ‚‘‘hold on, not so fast, you are a woman, I am a man, it is man‘s job to lead in the dance, you know that ‘‘ She looked at me in the eyes and smiled, it seemed that she understood that it will be a competition that night. When she unbuttoned the upper part of my shirt she told me in flirty way “I want to see your sexy moves‘‘. It was a great opportunity to isolate her, so I told her “We can do that, let‘s go upstairs, I will show you what I can do“ I took her hand led her to the dancefloor which was upstairs, sometimes I smacked her ass, she was like ‘’rrrrr I like that, I like it rough’’ It was a cliche phrase, but I liked it when she said that, I haven‘t heard that from any Lithuanian girl before.

I continued dancing with her on the dance floor in a very sexual way, at that moment you could see other girls looking at us like we were about to have sex on the dancefloor, it was funny.While we were having fun together a friend Jegoras came up to me with his girl and asked us a question:‘‘Can Edvardas‘ little brother join you?‘‘ I realized that he was just joking around, he didn‘t know that I was about to pull this girl, I leaned to Jegoras and said “dude I am about to pull her‘‘ .He laughed at this, then he took his girl and left us alone. It was funny that from that moment my girl thought that Jegoras was actually my brother.

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She wanted to see her friends again, so I decided to help her to find them. In this way a guy builds trust, he shows to a girl that his goal is to get to know her better and her friends, not to fuck her as fast as possible. We reached a table that was booked by her friends. Strange, but none of her friends was there (I guess every girl was having fun with different guy, it was just perfect). We sat on the couch. she put her leg on my leg, we were flirting all the time, we started talking about sex, she told me that sucking a dick isn’t a bad thing, it is important for relationship (I was already having a boner). I was caressing her legs, inner thighs. I didn‘t know what to say, so while I was massaging her inner thighs told her “So tell me something about your family‘‘. It was the only question that came up to my head that moment.I suggested to leave the club and grab something to eat (trying to pull her, but she said that all her stuff is left to her friends. she doesn’t have a phone, she doesn’t have a chip from a coat room, so she couldn’t leave the club without the phone, her friends would start looking for her everywhere).

I really wanted to pull her, but first I needed to find her friends, at that moment I needed her friends more than she did. We returned to the dance floor, there were way more less people than it was at midnight, because it was like 4 AM, people wanted to sleep, so most of them drove home. We started dancing again, this time I wanted to make things different, so I sat on the chair, at the same time I was touching her hips, surprisingly she leaned to me and started touching my crotch with her knees ( it was the time when I realised that I have two options a) sex b)blue balls )Soon she remembered my offer to go outside, so she said “let‘s find my friends so that I could take back all my stuff‘‘

I took her hand and I lead her. There were less and less people, but still we couldn‘t see friends anywhere. We were going in circles till we decided to have a rest on the same couch we were sitting before. This time it was almost the same, but more sexy, she started slowly licking my lips, she also unbuttoned my shirt again, this time I decided to touch her pussy. It was a little bit scary, cause I was not used to do such a sexual kino in a public place. Then I was rubbing my finger around her pussy, she said stop a couple times, I backed off, then I was starting doing this again, soon she was totally ok with it, she got used to it.

Soon out of nowhere some guy came up to us and started saying things like these‘’guys you shouldn’t have sex here, girl take him to your place’’.At first I thought that it was a jealous guy who wants to cockblock me, but it seemed that he was just drunk and friendly. I was talking to him, I wasn’t saying things like ‘’leave us alone’’, I actually befriended him, said to him that we are okay, thanks‘‘ at that moment I got this feeling that it will be better if I just talk to him without arguing. Later he told this to a girl‘‘you should have him for one night‘‘ a girl replied‘‘no, I am not a one night girl‘‘, then the same guy said‘‘well, you can have it for one week then‘‘. Me and a guy we both started laughing, it was hard to be mad on him. Luckily he left us alone, all I needed is to find her friends, so again I suggested her to dance, but actually my plan was to find their friend.

On our way to the dance floor the most crazy idea popped in my head, I started wondering what it would be like to have sex in the bathroom, at first I was like‘‘no no, better to pull her from the club, this is not me, Edvardas never has sex in the bathroom, but for some reason I decided to see where it goes, I was fed up with the same thing over and over again, so I wanted to try something new. I was going to the bathroom while saying to a girl this‘‘let‘s go to the bathroom, I will wash my face, it is so hot here‘‘ I was so sure that she will resist, but surprisingly she was following, the most important thing then was not to screw things up.

It was very awkward for me to enter men‘s room with a girl, I started thinking that all these people are judging me right now, but I was trying to throw such thoughts away from my head. While I was drying my hand, a wild girl removed her tights, I was like‘‘man, she is making things very easy for me,

© Associative photography – Having sex in club toilets

I won‘t need to remove her tights, I need to use this opportunity‘‘ I still remember how I hugged her back then and flirting with her in the men‘s room (I was waiting till all the guys in the men‘s room will go away, so I could bring her to the toilet and close the doors‘‘. The girl wasn’t stupid, she realized what my intentions were‘‘I know what you want right now, but trust me, it won‘t happen‘‘ she said that with a smile in her face.Finally all men left the room, there was even an open toilet, it seemed that a toilet is inviting me and a girl, but unfortunately then the old Edvardas occurred, I froze up, started giving myself excuses like‘‘it is not appropriate, security will kick us out, police will arrest me, other people will judge me and her’’, but then I remembered words of friend of mine who said ‘’dude, you should not worry about such thoughts, the more you think about them, the more you want to retreat, it is your inner game problem, you have to fix it, you will never get further if you keep listening to such thoughts, ignore them, yes it will be hard, but that’s the cost of going through barriers and getting better, go hard son’’.

It motivated me to go further, I was already sick of numbers of opportunities I wasted just because of such excuses, so I took an action. I took her to the toilet, closed the door and started kissing her. It was scary as fuck, I was still thinking that a security will break the door and take us down, even though I was trying to focus on the pleasure. Soon I started rubbing her fingers around her pussy, she said ‚‘it is not right‘‘, but I just ignored her statement and continued doing my thing, I knew that later she will forget what she said. I was about to put my hand in her panties when someone wanted to open the door. It scared the shit out of me, but I realized that I shouldn’t worry about it.

When I put my finger in her panties, I could feel how her pussy was shaved, this instantly turned me on even more, I was so sure that a girl wants the same thing just like I do, she just wants to prove that she is not a slut. To be honest, I don‘t think that girls who have sex with a guy on the first date/night/day are sluts, I think that they are open minded people who are above standards, they don‘t need a society‘s approval to do what they want.

As I was saying, I was enjoying the moment, but at the same time it was frightening, my left leg was shaking due to crank in my blood. The moment I began fingering her, she started moaning, I was like‘‘fuck everybody will hear this, someone is peeing in the toilet, he definitely can us‘‘ So I put my fingers on her lips and started shushing her. I decided to turn her, so that we could be standing face to face, out of nowhere she slowly unzipped my pants, and put her hand on my balls (she knew how to tease a man sexually), finally she put her hand in my underwear and pulled my dick out, she started doing handjob for me while I was inserting my finger in her. I was about to cum when suddenly my phone rang, I took it out to see who the fuck was calling, I saw a text on the screen‘‘Jegor‘‘ ( seriously, good timing man).

I didn‘t answer the call, she said‘‘aren‘t you supposed to answer him‘‘ . I swear to God, I almost said‘‘he will understand‘‘, but I just told her‘‘I will call him later‘‘ and continued fingering her, so that she could stop asking irrelevant questions. The way she was masturbating was a bit hurtful, so I took her hand and showed her the better way of doing a handjob. Finally I cumed, my cum shot was all over the wall and her legs. I didn‘t fuck her, because I was too afraid to be caught, but later that night I realized how stupid I was for thinking that way, I had condom and everything, it was a perfect opportunity. Anyway, I found a toilet paper and helped her to wash my cum off. I could see from her eyes that she was embarrassed a little bit, so I hugged her to make her feel comfortable.

After all of this, I was looking through the toilets door to see whether there was any man in the men‘s room left (I wanted to get her out of the room, so that no man would see her and start slut shaming her). The moment I saw that nobody‘s there I took her hand and helped her escape from that room (it was like a prison break)When we went downstairs we finally met her friends, they were so happy to see us. A girl with who I had a wonderful experience that night told me‘‘listen, it was very strange what we did‘‘To sum up, I am writing this without the intention of bragging about my victory, I wanted to share with you guys a lesson that you will never expand your comfort zone if you keep doing the same thing over and over again.

My thing was that I was used to stick up with a girl all night long without going further, but that night I wanted to stop this nonsense and discover new lands. I hope this story will be a motivation to go forward and expand your comfort zone.Thanks for read

Ex RS dancer Edvardas

To your improvement,

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