From Frustrated Chump to Social Ninja Part 3 Sex with two Brunettes - post4101

From Frustrated Chump to Social Ninja Part 3 Sex with two Brunettes


We sat around the table. AMT explains me everything I need to improve from yesterdays’ night. Later on AMT adds other high level psychology knowledge into me. Such kind of knowledge you will not find in any university, book, video or internet. If such techniques will be published on internet it will attract negative attention from feminists and some government institutions. I am not 100 % sure, but I think AMT is not selling their Training to men who did not buy their any products, consultations. First I took Skype consultations and when I hired them travel to my city.

So this time we needed drive to night clubs. Unfortunately there have not been girls in the bus stops. The feeling is amazing. You do not have any fear because you understand how people works. During training sometimes my mind was comparing others’ PUA companies with AMT. AMT teaches and prepares you like FBI agent, while other PUA companies teaches you simple clown techniques. Openers… transitions.. be free from outcome, body language… This is for amatuers… You become clown but not closer. You too much concentrate on opening, being confident and attractive around girls, while alpha man training concentrates to make same day lay no matter what. For them opener does not matter. Alpha Man Training makes from you closer who makes women do action. I regret that I did not find Alpha man training sooner.

This time we entered night club. We walked around like FBI agents. Talked to each other’s ear. Both decided to approach two brunettes as their faces told us some great information. I opened them, started to dance. When AMT joined, started to dance with another one.

In 20 minutes I was keeping 4 coat’s numbers: my, amt, and two of brunettes. Deep inside I could not believe how fast we pulled them to car. Amt system has no competition. Soon we arrived to one place. Girls asked: “Where we arrived?” – I just thrown out techniques, destroyed them and in 30 minutes I was fucking one of two brunettes in private room. She bended over, I pulled down her leggings, her ass was so round and curved! I moved her strings to side and inserted my penis. Started to fuck her.

How I feel now

I feel really confident when it comes approaching hot 9-10’s. I know what they want and how to seduce them. I know information that average man does not know on this planet. I have superiority comparing with other average men. I signed agreement on my name, surname and face that I cannot mislead, spread this information to anyone else. I cannot do this activity and training like alpha man training for purpose to get money and vice versa. Did my girlfriend uncover that I have been in training? No. Did my boss? No. Mission impossible for them. I got what I wanted from this training and now I can say I AM HIGH INTELLECTUAL SOCIAL NINJA.


Alpha Males

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