This AMT system to pick up girls/ women / your new blonde girlfriend if near your home or work there are some universities, grocery shops, work places, schools where girls or women go to study, work or for a shopping. This strong AMT system was applied by me and many AMT students.

When I flew back to Europe from New York, I need to find a place where to live in Vilnius. I called several of my past students and checked their mindset on living by your own and together with me. I agreed with Arthur’s mindset the most. So I have chosen to find apartment and live with him.

In one month we have found two bedroom and one bathroom apartment in Vilnius. We moved our stuff and decided to live there for three months. We moved to this flat without girlfriends, but moved out with 9-10s blondes, having the as our girlfriends. Read until the end, because I am going to reveal powerful AMT system which allows to get a girlfriend in the fastest, money wise efficient and no competition way.


STEP 1: Check logistics around your apartment

After I and Arthur moved in to our new place, net day we went to check out what shopping malls, universities, restaurants, massage salons and other work – study place we have around our apartment. Across the street we have found labor school where girls age 17-21 go to study. In 200 meters we had massage salon and tan salon and also shopping mall. We saw some girls and we knew that we will need to apply AMT system to isolate those girls from their colleagues and get their phone numbers.

STEP 2: Go to venue (mentioned above) and approach a girl you like

Next day early in the morning (at 7:00 am) Arthur went to work. For him it was the first time when he moved into apartment with someone else (this time – with me) and to live without his mom for the first time of course was out of his comfort zone. He was 23 years old while I was 26 years old. I started to live on my own when I was 18 years old. When hard time came I went back to my mom’s and stepdad’s place and lived there for 9 months. So for me moving in to the new apartment also was out of my comfort zone, but not so much as for Arthur.

That day I went to the shopping mall and accidentally saw a hot blonde (who later became my new girlfriend) in black legging, yellow-black sweater, her blonde hair looked very hot on that sweater. I have approached her and said:

AMT Dancer: Hey! Do you know Tom?

Blonde: Hey! I don’t.

AMT Dancer: I am Tom, nice to meet you.

In ~ 6 minutes after some chat-up I took her phone number. She was very hot. Her ass in tight black leggings looked the best in that shopping mall. And she also had quite bitchy face. Somehow I felt that she would not reply me if will not meet her in 2 hours. She was going that (above mentioned) work-labour school and she was learning how to be a hair stylist. During the free time she went to that shopping mall to buy some food to eat.

AMT Dancer: Hey , let’s meet for 15 minutes after your class?

Blonde: Yeah, but I will be with my classmate

AMT Dance: Ok, let’s meet.


PART1 end (to be continued)

AMT Dance


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