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How can a man seduce a married woman and cum into her three times next day

I cannot describe you, that female was supported by husband’s money – great cosmetics, great outfit, BMW jeep. Amazing figure. She was working out with gums at and also sometimes attended private training at gym with gym trainer. Had amazing soft lips to kiss. Amazing pink vagina, great ass, narrow waist. Very long blonde hair. Moaned perfectly!!!!

I approached her when she walked out from groceries. Here pictures while she is in front of cashier:

I do not know her marriage status, I did not ask her. I set up a coffee date next day 2pm, met at coffee place, pulled and fucked

She was very feminine with feminine voice, slim waist and big ass. Nice feminine body to fuck. In the pictures below I am cumming to her three times in a row!!!! My sperm dips down!!!!,,,

A husband called her. She did not answer. He texted he is coming sooner on 4 pm that day. So I had limited time to cum inside her and leave. I fucked her at her kitchen


I cannot describe you, how I felt after it. So amazing, so confident.
Came three times into such luxury amazing hot blonde who
was married her husband. She said: a husband want to have sex with her, but she does not.
They are fighting.
To your powerful success on seducing married blondes!!!

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    Hello Dear, how are you, please I would like the full video without censorship, it is really great. Please could you tell me how to access it, the price and all that.

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