How do I pick up a flight attendant with her female friend - post6953

How do I pick up a flight attendant with her female friend

Our top old follower KRK sent us message:

Woman at 8:45 that your client talked to

And did a good job flirting with. Did YOU fuck her later?? – KRK asked

Yes I fucked that blonde! She was stewardess(worked in aircraft) – I replied

Was total 9 point hot blonde with amazing ass!

Did you approach stewardess same day as client tried? KRK asked

Yes invited to dance lesson. And fucked her after it – I replied

KRK started to laugh



Was she a hot fuck??

Doggy favorite position to get pounded in ?? Hehe – KRK asked

Absolutely! Sexy hot stewardess who was traveling around the world via airplane. Fucked her before her flight trip! – I replied

Did you fuck stewardess without a condom??? – KRK asked


I bet you started with a condom and then slipped it off and shot a load deep in her fucking pussy? Didnt you?

🔥 – KRK asked

Yeah found the whole client’s approach, seduction, my comment and training on it, and fuck footage of her!!!! – I replied

It was 3d day of our alpha man training in Phoenix Arizona. A client did some approaches.
We sat down around the table and I see this gorgeous stunning hot blonde in
black leggings walking! I said to client to approach her!!! He went and it went with amazing
approaching and seduction. Let’s take a look!

I said to Jack: “Hey let’s do dance training before her flight. Let’s call her and say
we are doing tonight dance training and we need you to help us out. Also
please take your female friend with you”
She answered a call and said: “I would come and help you guys, what is the address?
And I know a good my female friend 😉 hahah she needs it”
So he texted Airbnb address where he rented out place for training and she drove.
We did 1 hour dance training. Jack went to buy alcohol. I sneaked into their room,
turned them on for sex and fucked!!!!

And I came into her vagina and left Phoenix Arizona and the whole USA.
So she probably got pregnant. Sorry, but I just want to cum inside and fuck without
condom 😉

Enjoy infield pictures below!!!

Asian Client approach hot flight blonde attendant
Asian client pulled her for insta date
Asian client made her feel interested about him
AMT with Asian client celebrating his success
AMT turning on blonde’s flight attendant’s female friend
AMT is fucking blonde’s female friend
AMT is fucking and cuming inside flight attendant blonde in Phoenix Arizona

We have this infield – duration 1 hour 5 minutes, client’s approach, seduction, inviting them over our place, fucking. No ones face will be blurred out. And no genitals will be blurred out. You will see everything!!!!! If you want to see this infield, contact us by inserting the link of video what you want and directly asking what you want to purchase

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