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How to approach a girl in shopping mall

How to approach girls in mall 2Situation – you stop girls by going in front of them. This is important when girls are walking quite fast. When you go in front of them – you get into their intimate zone. It is easier for you to stop them. I opened them by saying:

–          AlphaManTraining: “Girls, you look the hottest from this shopping mall. AlphaManTraining, what is your name?”

–          Black girl: “Oh, thank you very much…”

Now you must feel which one of the girls is more interested in you. As I opened them I saw the eyelid of the black girl expanded more. It means she is interested in me, she likes the way I opened and she is more comfortable talking in English, while the blonde girl is not.

My next move is to transition conversation into a dance topic. Since I feel strong about dancing and I know girls also likes dancing, I ask her a question:

–          AlphaManTraining: “Do you like dancing?”

–          Black girl: “Yes, I am dancer”

–          AlphaManTraining: “You are dancer?? What kind of a dancer?”

–          Black girl: “Go go”

–          AlphaManTraining: “Look at me and say what kind of dances I am dancing” – I grab her hand and start dancing with her.

As we see from the photo, she is showing indicators of interest. Black girl is touching her hair and the blonde is keeping strong eye contact. Always watch and feel girls` body language.

I see that the black girl is more positive and responsive to me, so I take her hand for dancing:

How to approach girls in mall


Now I am making physical contact with her – and it is stronger than everything. You can say 10 sentences and try to make an impression on her, or you can just gain dancing skills in my Alpha Man Trainings and you will be able to make an impression very easily without talking.

My energy is high, therefore the blonde girl lets me dominate the situation. She is just watching my spectacle.

After strong physical contact I say:

–          AlphaManTraining: “Girls, sometimes I go to Kaunas. It would be nice to invite you somewhere. You would be a leader. Write down your phone number” – I give them an idea that maybe I will take both of them to meet my other friends. The blonde girl is also hot. Now the blonde girl is feeling quite bad because I gave all of my attention to the black girl. But the reason is simple – the black girl can talk in English, while the blonde cannot.

How to approach girls in mall 4

The key here is to have a plan. For example my plan is:

  1. Open strongly and direct girls.
  2. Make small talk
  3. Transition to dancing
  4. Get physical with the girl
  5. Exchange contacts
  6. To call after 5-15 minutes and build stronger connection
  7. Invite her on a date
  8. Create long-term relationships or nothing

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