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How to approach a girl when she is with her dog

I went to outside of my apartment. And I see this cute short with curly blonde hair girl in sexy tight grey leggings walking a small dog. First I checked her and when she walked back to her apartment I followed her. Of course she did not understand because I masked it hahaha.

I approached her and said: “Do you know in this building yoga class is running or not?”

She replied: “Do you search like a brand new studio?”, I replied: “yeah some yoga classes”, she laughed and said: “Well I am going to yoga classes”. We together with her dog went to elevator. And look in the picture below, her tight pussy and ass in those leggings look awesome!

She said: “I am going to a hot yoga classes”. She did not click the right floor at elevator front panel, because she was excited of an approach and my presence.

When two guys came to elevator. American guys see Euro guy is seducing hot short American girl with a dog. They were continuing talking while I was continuing seducing her. When two American white guys walked into elevator she was continuing telling me where yoga studios are around this building.

We all four people were talking in Elevator. And it is kinda strange. In Europe it is more silent once you walk to elevator :D.

We walked outside the elevator and apartment. She was showing me on the streets where I can find yoga classes. I said her my name, she said me her name. Of course I gave her fake name. If I will hardly rape her and she will go to police when for them will be harder to understand what the person it was 😀 hahahah. It is enough of jokes. But the real reason why I gave her fake name was for security reasons, protecting me. Because past show that girls on the date says yeah everything is cool, but after date, after even couple of weeks they go to police and wrongfully accuses guy of raping them. I do not know her. I do not trust her. Yeah later after I will bang her, If I will trust I will say my real name to her. But this time, sorry, no. And I think guys you understand where I am coming from. Not only this reason, but another reason is girls leaking your personal information to other people which can be used later against you. They cannot keep their the mouths shuttled down. And another reason, she is living in my apartment complex. I do not want to run my reputation if I am thinking to live her longer.

She asked me: “have you ever done yoga?”, I said: “well I watched some YouTube videos with yoga”. At the end of approach I said her: “Would you like to go one day to Down Dog together?”, she replied: “Yeah! Do you have my number?” We exchanged numbers.

We exchanged numbers and at the end of our talk I turned her on and left. Look at the picture below. She is spreading her legs to me, smiling and ready to be penetrated.

That was awesome approach, talking, turning her on.

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