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How To Approach A Girl Who Is Walking and Turn her on For Sex (Infield Footage)

It was 11:00 am morning at Kansas City USA. I was on 10:00 am at my lawyer’s office. Talked to him 30 minutes and went. I walk and I see this super gorgeous female walking in that grey dress. I walked behind her and approached. I am still in shock. It happened on Friday. And it went Same Day Lay!!!!!!!!! Turns out she is Ukrainian living in Kansas City USA.

Tits also big, lips are great, soft skin, perfect female

A little bit scared at the beginning but will be turned on for sex in couple of minutes 😉

Surprised by approach and ready for same day lay as husband at work 😉

She is very close to me and lifting up her leg on me!!

After some sexy dancing her body language changed, she is turned on and she lifting her hand up thinking about fucking me on the same day, but I will not give myself easily!!!

I texted her over WhatsApp and asked when are you free to meet in same place where we met?;)
She replied 15:30. I met her, seduced and fucked she shit out from her!!!!

I turned her on for sex with my touches!!!

She had perfect size 3 tits and I roughly touched them!

She sucked my cock and I fucked her Doggy style!!!
I gave her sex that she really needed. And I cum inside her ass. I was in shock. This Friday was perfect.
I did not expect same day lay on this Friday. But look what happened.
I have infield of her Approaching, Seducing, Fucking. Nothing is blurred out. If you want to purchase it, contact us.



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