How To Approach Girl In the Gym and Get Laid Part 2 - post4168

How To Approach Girl In the Gym and Get Laid Part 2

A pull from gym to apartment’s bed took around 35 minutes. We have seduced her come and approach our apartment. In some moments we manipulated slightly.

We could not believe how soon we will fuck her ass! This is why we so protect this knowledge and choose clients to train. If all males around would know this system soon women will start to know and would be big problems. Mystery from Venusian Arts did not protect his system and no longer Mystery Method works… People know about it. Same with Real Social Dynamics and Ginger Tyler (Owen Cook) who exposed pickup to much to mainstream media and ruined out the whole pickup’s reputation (Media scandal with Julien Blanc). THE MORE PEOPLE WILL KNOW ABOUT THESE TECHNIQUES THE LESS IT WILL WORK.

We turned her on on the bed, removed her clothes and started to kiss her. What an amazing feeling then you remove her panties and you start to lick her pussy! We had an amazing hot sex after the gym. She was a virgin and we removed her virginity, because it was a little bit blood from her pussy. After we fucked her first time we went to drink champagne.

We kissed her one more time. And decided to keep her around as we felt good connection with her. We kissed her once again and pulled back to bedroom and was making love one more time.

Her ass was 10 from 10. Total incredible. We were making love for other 15 minutes.
Conclusion:Yes you can bang girls which you see in your gym. But you need to be smart about it. One thoughtless step and you will run out your reputation in the gym where you go. You no longer will want to enter that gym.
When You become social Ninja, you save your reputation. You become invisible social ninja who has social hacks. With solid system you can approach a girl in the gym and lay her on the same day. Social Ninjas they focus on laying girls. If they see this is not a girl to sleep with, they politely run away from her. Social Ninjas can read people in seconds and make right decisions to pull or not. This gym story illustrates what it means when you have AMT system how to approach a girl in the gym and get laid on the same day.


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